Zaahn Mattress

What is Zaahn

As per the TV infomercial it is a revolutionary mattress that comes with dual sides that can be flipped, a ZEN side for firmer support and an AAH side for a slightly softer side.




Personalized Sleeping – Zaahn guarantees to be the best mattress for partners that have different preferences for their bed. Every individual prefers either firm or softer mattress, which is why Zaahn assures to have an option to flip the bed from a firm ZEN side to an AAH soft side. It does sound impressive; user reviews will expose the truth.

Expertly crafted mattress – Zaahn declares to have a density foam and adaptive memory foam on each side to provide total support. Its outer cover is allegedly made from VISCOSE of Bamboo Stretch that is breathable and comfortable to sleep on. The inner cotton cover of Zaahn assures to regulate the temperature and provide additional breathing ability. More will be known once Zaahn is reviewed.

Universal design – Zaahn maintains to be available for all standard bed types and doesn’t require a special foundation. It promises that even though there are two inner cores, the mattress is held under the cover closely so that a divide isn’t noticed. Currently, there are no Zaahn reviews available to substantiate its claims.


Zaahn Mattress Price

  • Zaahn Twin Size – $399
  • Zaahn Full Size – $699
  • Zaahn Queen Size – $759
  • Zaahn King Size – $799

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