U-Fill Pillow Review

U-Fill Pillow Review
U-Fill Pillow Review

What is so special about the U-Fill Pillow?

One of the hardest thing in the world is to find a pillow that “suits” you. Either the pillow is too small, too large, too fluffy or too hard for your liking. The problem is that we are all different, no two people have the same sleeping habits but the pillow remains the same. The makers of the U-Fill Pillow claims to address this issue with the U-Fill Pillow.

How does the U-Fill Pillow work?

Before you get to know how the U-Fill Pillow works, let’s find out what’s the problem with the traditional pillows. The old pillows cannot be customized, that is you cannot change the density of the pillow, you cannot add or remove the fillings in the pillow. U-Fill Pillow addresses this issue by making the U-Fill easy to customize.

You can add or remove the memory foam fillings to make the U-Fill Pillow suit your requirements, you can make it harder. softer, fluffier, tall or smaller as per your requirement. As per the claims made by the promoters of the U-Fill Pillow.

Is the U-Fill Pillow the first of its kind?

Nope. U-Fill Pillow is not the original “customizable” (if there is such a word) pillow. The concept is borrowed from the much acclaimed WonderSleep PREMIUM Adjustable Loft. The as seen on tv marketing company E. Mishan & Sons, Inc. (“Emson”) copied the concept and made their own adaptable U-Fill Pillow.

Ok, So the U-Fill Pillow Really work?

Reviews confirm that this addition and removal of the pillow fillings do work up to certain extent but does not completely address the issue of that “perfect pillow”. Some key issues still remain. Based on the reviews we have received, the following are our observations.

  • Why the name “U-Fill”? – One reviewer points out that the as seen on tv marketers are very ingenious when it comes to naming the product. The pillow is named as “U-Fill” because you fill the shredded memory foam in the zippered pillow.
  • Strong Odor – The U-Fill Pillow and its memory foam fillings have a strong chemical odor that makes it sleeping on it unbearable. The smell takes weeks to fade away. One reviewer mentions that the U-Fill Pillow is prone to Chemical Off-Gassing and VOCs.
  • Still it is a soft Pillow – The reviews mention that even though the density of the U-Fill Pillow can be altered, given the nature of the memory foam fillings, the pillow is still soft no matter how much filling you put in the U-Fill pillow. People who like to sleep on hard surface will never like the U-Fill Pillow.
  • Does not conform – Another complaint about the U-Fill Pillow is that it does not conform to the contours of your head, giving you a stiff neck in the morning.
  • Creates Lumps – One review mentions that the memory foam pillow fillings form “clumps” under the pressure of “heavy” head. The clumps causes the surface to become uneven which makes the U-Fill Pillow uncomfortable.
  • Breathability Issue – One user points out in his review that shredded memory foam is known to be bad when it comes to air circulation. Shredded memory foam in the U-Fill pillow absorbs the heat from your head and retains heat making the pillow “hot”.
  • The Surroundings Affect the U-Fill Shredded Memory Foam – When we analyzed the U-Fill pillow reviews we received from our product experts we found an interesting piece of information related to the effect of the environment on the memory foam. The surrounding temperature affects the shredded memory foam in the U-Fill Pillow, warm temperature from the surrounding (and from your head) makes the shredded memory foam in the U-Fill to “soften” and the cold temperature from the surrounding firms the memory foam in the pillow.
  • Still it is a soft Pillow – One reviewer mentions in his comment that the memory foam pillows like the U-Fill Pillow are inherently SOFT. If you like the hard surface to sleep on, than U-Fill pillow might not be for you.
  • Not a great concept – Many reviews say that the concept of removable memory foam pillows is great only on the paper. But in real-life it does not have much practical value. The reviewer further mentions that if the concept was great and revolutionary then all major bedding brand would have exploited this idea.
  • Goes Flat – All memory foam pillows including the U-Fill pillows go flat with use. We have analyzed thousands of reviews where users have complained about pillows (like the U-Fill) going flat in a month’s time.
  • The Price of U-Fill Pillow – For the price of $39.99 you get 1 U-Fill Pillow. And another one for an extra $9.99. That is one U-Fill Pillow for $24.99 if you buy the set of two. Shipping is free. The U-Fill Pillow is available only at the official website ufillpillow.com. The pillow is backed by a 90-day money back guarantee but you must know in advance how much does it take to ship the 2 pillows back to the distributor.
  • Our Verdict on the U-Fill Pillow

    Pillows is one such thing where you will find contradicting reviews. While some users find the U-Fill pillow soft, others find it hard. You cannot rely more on these reviews. To find the pillow that actually suits you, you have to keep trying. In the case of U-Fill pillow, we would recommend that you “try” the U-Fill pillow and find out for yourself if it suits you.

    If you want to go for a more “branded” alternative to the U-Fill Pillow then you should try the WonderSleep. It has got 1354 reviews and 5-star rating. It costs as much as the U-Fill Pillow, $26 at Amazon.com.

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