Tranquil Lavender Pillow Review

About Tranquil Lavender Pillow

Do you have trouble sleeping at night even after a long exhausting days work? Is sleepless nights the reason behind your tiredness and making your day less productive? Than here is the tranquil lavender pillow a scientific solution derived from the nature. It is the calming lavender infused memory foam pillow from sunset collection.



Tranquil Lavender Pillow CLAIMS

The tranquil lavender pillow claims to be a combination of science with nature giving orthopedic support memory foam and the calming properties of lavender which can help improve the quality of your sleep. According to the tranquil lavender pillow the clinical research shows that those who smell lavender before sleep enjoy deeper sleep and also have calming effect on the nervous system, reduce anxiety making you feel all energized the next morning and that too naturally.

Be any back stomach or side sleeper, the tranquil lavender pillow describes its soft orthopedic memory foam assists in contouring and cradling the head, neck and shoulders for all night comfort, support and pressure relief.

If you are having sleepless nights than here is your chance to get the sleep you deserve with the tranquil lavender pillow featuring with the two essentials for the good sound sleep that is aerated memory foam to reduce heat combined with calming aromatherapy of lavender.

As a bonus it includes a bottle of tranquil lavender linen spray free. It is made from pure lavender essential oil, ideal for calming effect.



Christy Bass writes in her Tranquil Lavender Pillow review that the pillow was marketed as something that smells like lavender but instead smells like chemicals. This pillow isn’t made using good quality foam and comes with an unattractive cover that just doesn’t justify its price.

Marvin Vaughn shows disappointment towards Tranquil Lavender Pillow due to lack of lavender scent that was promised. As per his review, the pillow smells of strong plastic and rubber with chemical fumes that come in regular memory pillows. He further reveals that the package was missing scented infuser spray.

According to Ira Beck, a Tranquil Lavender Pillow customer, the pillow stinks with the awful chemical smell for almost 3 weeks before it turns to be actually usable. He does say that the chemical smell goes away with time but complains that the lavender smell never came in the first place. He further asserts in his Tranquil Lavender Pillow review that the infuser spray that comes along with it is something that can be simply bought at any store for use on regular pillows. The plastic of the pillow is hot and can be unpleasant to use for a long time. In short, Ira claims that the pillow was simply an unworthy investment for him.

Tracy Carson, a Tranquil Lavender Pillow reviewer reveals that the pillow isn’t firm enough and is so soft that her head simply sank to the bottom while sleeping. She also found that the pillow was too thin, ineffectively small, and smelled more of foam chemicals than lavender.

A review of Tranquil Lavender Pillow by Franklin Vargas claims that the smell and gases can be removed by sitting or stepping on it in uncovered position for a week. The problem was even after the smell goes, the lavender smell doesn’t come as advertised. He felt the pillow was uncomfortable giving a feeling of a deflated basketball.

Glenn Williams, another Tranquil Lavender Pillow customer says that the pillow is comfortable for people who are trying to get rid of neck pain but might be not good for side sleepers. He states that the smell isn’t as bad as expected but the lavender smell is surely missing inside it. He suspects that Tranquil Lavender Pillow is not high-quality memory foam that otherwise should conform to the body shape. But it does feel comfortable as it is very firm and at the same time not very soft.

Another review of Tranquil Lavender Pillow by Marion Sharp asserts that the pillow is not good for side sleepers. It can be uncomfortable to sleep on as it is too flat and squishes down while sleeping. The pillow’s lack of firmness can be a problem. The other problem that is associated with it is the strong smell and can be nauseating for sleepers.

Jan Owens’s review of Tranquil Lavender Pillow discloses that the pillow doesn’t smell like lavender at all and is simply of the color. The infuser does work but is something that can be simply bought anywhere. Even though the pillow is highly comfortable to sleep on, she found it to be highly disappointing considering the price that it comes for. She suggests in her review to keep Tranquil Lavender Pillow in fresh air and sunshine for a week regularly to remove the smell of chemicals.


What do I get?
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Tranquil Lavender Pillow Verdict

There are many pillows of similar kind advertised but what makes the slight difference between Tranquil Lavender Pillow and other is the Lavender smell from the pillow. The point to be considered is that does it really justify its claim and worth buying?

Going by the reviews the pillows does the decent job of providing comfort to some and not for some. In addition, it does not smell lavender at all which was the only point setting it apart from others. Similar product named Weekender Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Pillow on can be searched in the bed pillow section for $28.53 which $10 more than the Tranquil. But Weekender’s pillow have got 4.3 star ratings and 202 customer reviews and featured as Amazon’s choice because of high ratings and well priced.

We recommend you to go for Weekender Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Pillow as it has got majority of positive reviews which you yourself can check on the amazon but if price is your concern you can opt for Tranquil Lavender Pillow as it works fairly.

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