The V Pillow

What is The V Pillow?

The V Pillow asserts to be a crescent-shaped ergonomically designed pillow. It maintains to cradle head and shoulder by automatically aligning head and neck. At this point of time there are no The V Pillow reviews to verify this claim.



Unlike ordinary pillows that have been designed to sleep on the back, The V Pillow declares to have a pragmatic design that considers people sleeping sideways. It alleges to be an integration of ancient Asian buckwheat pillows with the latest pillow technology. The V Pillow states to be filled with over 10 million air beads. The air beads promises to provide maximum comfort by continuously adjusting and absorbing to body movements. The V Pillow guarantees softly cushioning head and neck for comfort. The claims seems to be too far-fetched, will be confirmed only after The V Pillow is reviewed.

The V Pillow emphasizes to be hyper allergenic. It also proclaims the ability to absorb shock on impact and not get crushed. The V Pillow convinces to fit the neck and shoulders perfectly with its contoured shape characteristic. It also claims not to flatten and maintain its shape night after night. Such fancy claims can be substantiated only once the product is reviewed.


What do I get?
2 standard Sapoto V Pillow with Copper Infused Case is only $29.99 plus $7.95 s&h

2 Comments on "The V Pillow"

  1. I ordered and paid 2 standard sapoto v pillows 4 months ago and I did not received them either.

  2. I ordered 2 standard Sapoto V Pillows on March19,2017.I still have not received them.
    Daniel Feldman

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