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Terms of Use for BambooPillows.net

Terms & Conditions
The website BambooPillows.net has been set up to help users gather information, post opinions about Bamboo Pillows, and participate in forums related to Bamboo Pillows. The use of terms “us”, “we”, “our” or “BambooPillows.net” refer to our site. “You” refers to the customers and users posting content on the site.

Your acceptance of our terms and conditions and the below-mentioned notices has enabled us to offer the website to you. Please be advised that using our website at all times binds you by the “Agreement”. Hence, you are requested to read the Agreement carefully to ensure that you understand our terms of use and regularly check our website for any amendments made purely on our discretion. Your continued use of the site is treated as your acceptance to all the terms and conditions.


The Use of Website
If you use the BambooPillows.net website, it is accepted that:

  • You have offered accurate, current, and complete information.
  • It will be your sole responsibility to protect your BambooPillows.net account.
  • To register and contribute to the set, you need to be 18 years or older. Information of anyone below 18 years of age is knowingly not collected by us. We uphold the right to deny access to our site and services basis of any reason, violation of the Agreement included.


Forbidden Activities
We hold proprietorship to the content and the information on the site including and going beyond materials such as messages, text, data, information, icons, software, code, etc. apart from music, sound, photos, graphics, video, maps and the infrastructure. You cannot modify, distribute, license or transfer, perform or publish, sell or resell the information including software, products, or services.


By accepting our terms and conditions, you consent not to:
1. Use the website or its content for commercial purposes.

2. Gather or copy information and content from the site by using automated or manual processes such as robot, spider, scraper without permission.

3. Infringe information in robot exclusion headers or circumvent measures employed to limit or restrict access on the site.

4. Perform activities that will overload our infrastructure.

5. Deep-link anywhere on the site without prior permission.

6. Frame, represent, or integrate any aspect of the website without prior information.

7. Convert, alter, amend, edit, de-compile, or reverse engineer.


Using reviews, comments and other such Interactive areas
When you submit questions, reviews, comments, suggestions and other such information on our site, BambooPillows.net and its affiliates accrue nonexclusive, royalty-free, continual, transferable, irreversible, and fully sub licensable right to amend, adapt, translate, distribute, create derived work and submit, publicly display or publish it in any media anywhere in the world and use the name given with the submission. BambooPillows.net can decide to ascribe comments and suggestions to you and has the right to legally pursue anyone who violates our Submission rights by violating the agreement. You consent that submissions are non-confidential and non-proprietary.

It is solely your responsibility to use these Interactive Areas – bulletin boards and forums – where you agree not to publish, upload, distribute, save, or transfer:

  • Illegal, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, indecent, threatening, suggestive, lewd, fraudulent, abusive, slanderous, or objectionable content for any reason.
  • Content that supports or informs of criminal offense, violates rights of any party or any local, national or international law.
  • Content that might breach copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, and other such intellectual property.
  • Content that imitates a person or entity or misrepresents the user’s affiliation with any entity.
  • Any kind of unwarranted promotions, advertising, sweepstakes, contests and more.
  • Name, email id, credit card information, social security number, and any such personal information of a third party.
  • Destructive and disruptive files containing viruses or corrupted data.
  • Content that irrelevant to Interactive areas wherein it is posted.
  • Content or links that in the opinion of BambooPillows.net:
    • Violate subsections herein
    • Is considered unacceptable
    • Constrains or inhibits other users from using the Interactive Area
    • Expose BambooPillows.net or its associates to any kind of harm or liability.

BambooPillows.net is not accountable for any content posted or uploaded by you or a third party.

BambooPillows.net is also not answerable for profane, slanderous, defamatory, false, pornography or obscene incidents. We are also not liable for comments or user statements in public forums or personal home pages. We are not obliged to screen, modify, or examine the information that is uploaded. But, BambooPillows.net holds the discretion to remove any content stored or posted on the site for any reason.


If we conclude that you reserve the moral rights in the content, you agree that:
a. You do not require the content, derivative works and updates to include your personally identifiable information.

b. You have no objection if we or our licensees or successors use, publish, delete, modify the content.

d. We, our successors, assigns are not liable for any claims by you against BambooPillows.net

The violation of the foregoing use of Interactive areas or other parts of the site will be treated as a violation of the site terms, causing suspension of your rights to use the area. We have to oblige with lawful governmental requests, subpoenas or court orders, protect customers and systems. Hence we might access or disclose information such as user profile information, traffic information, IP address, posted content and usage history. Any of our privacy policies will be nullified vis-a-vis our right to disclose this information.


Disclaimer of Liability
There might be imprecision in the information, services and products displayed on the site. We or any of our subsidiaries do not take responsibility for any discrepancy in pricing, pictures, amenities, product descriptions of hotels, air cruise, car or other travel items.

BambooPillows.net doesn’t guarantee the suitability of information about product offered or included on the site for any purpose. We offer information of the products, services and software “AS IS”. We decline all warranties and conditions that our site, server or email sent is free of harmful content including viruses. We do not acknowledge warranties and conditions about products, services, software including implied warranties and conditions of fitness and merchantability for any specific reason.

BambooPillows.net is not responsible for direct or indirect, penal, special or subsequent damages caused by or connected to the use and display of the website. It could be owing to your dependence on opinions issued here, linked sites, products, viruses or services availed of through our site. It could be because of contract, liability, negligence, or possibility of damages.

Liability limitation indicates risk allocation amongst parties. Limitations mentioned in the section will hold true in the wake of failure of limited remedy mentioned in the section. Overall they build up to the advantage of BambooPillows.net of companies.


You consent to cover or defend BambooPillows.net from claims, demands, losses, recovery, penalties, fines, expenses or costs that could involve legal and accounting fees from third parties because of

a. Your infringement of Agreement and the mentioned documents.

b. You breaching third party rules and laws

c. Use of this website.


Links to third party sites
Our website might contain hyperlinks to third party sites not operated by us. We are neither in command of these sites nor accountable for privacy or other practices thereof. You have the sole responsibility to ensure that the links or software downloaded are free of viruses, Trojan horses, worms, defects or any destructive item. Including these hyperlinks does not imply that we endorse material on the site or association with its operators. If you’re asked to link your profile to that on a third party site it will be optional and your discretion. Linking of this information can be disabled any time.


Copyright and Trademark Notices
All the content on the site is ©2015 BambooPillows.net. All rights reserved. Content listed on the sites that are not operated by BambooPillows.net is not our responsibility. Individuals hold ownership of other trademarks, logos, product names, and company names that you encounter on the site. Reference to services, products, processes or information based on trademark, manufacturers, supplier, trade name etc. is not necessarily endorsed, recommended or sponsored by us.

Individual owners might hold all the other logos, company names and products mentioned herein.

If you discover breach of your brand or ours, you can contact us at support (-@-) BambooPillows.net.