Squeezy Pillow

About Squeezy Pillow

Squeezy Pillow asserts to be a talking and lighting pillow that calms kids down at night if they are afraid of the dark.


How does it work

The 24 LED lights of Squeezy Pillow claim to glow when the pillow is squeezed. It maintains to talk on one side and glow on the other.


Talking and glowing pillow
If your kids are scared of darkness, Squeezy Pillow promises to calm them down and put them to bed with its talking and glowing feature. When squeezed, the LEDs light up for 15 minutes and shut off automatically so that there is no wastage of battery once the kid falls asleep. There are no user reviews of Squeezy Pillow to ascertain this.


Fun glowing designs
Squeezy Pillow emphasizes to be available in delightful Starlight Square and Beating Heart shapes. Only by pinching the corner of the pillow, it records voice up to 7 seconds and repeats whatever’s said. Let us analyze user reviews before commenting on this. Squeezy Pillow convinces that its exterior is super fluffy and soft making it fun to hug and play. Squeezy Pillow guarantees to give no heat when it glows so that the kid will always be comfortable while using it. Send us your Squeezy Pillow reviews.


What do I get?
one Squeezy Pillow (available in heart shape or square) for just $24.99 and $4.99 P&H!
Official Website:squeezypillow.com

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