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Sleep H2O is a revolutionary water-based pillow that claims to put an end to stiff necks and sore backs and helps support your neck right with a custom fit for any sleeping position so you start sleeping right again.


Sleep H2O Pillow CLAIMS

With its water base and thermal layer of soft, hypoallergenic fiberfill, the Sleep H2O Pillow claims to automatically respond to your movement. Seems like a lofty claim? Why don’t you let us know if it works out like that in your Sleep H2O review? It maintains that its customized fit helps to keep your head, neck and spine comfortably supported for a long, calming night’s sleep. Does the Sleep H2O Pillow really work well? We have to wait for Sleep H2O reviews to make up our mind.
Simply add water to the pillow with the easy-fill funnel. The Sleep H2O Pillow states that it uses different water levels for a custom fit & firmness, so you can use less water for a soft pillow or fill it up for a firmer feel. Sleep H2O reviews will have to confirm whether it is really beneficial to use. It further claims that the water stays locked inside with secure-lock spout.



Sleep H2O Pillow Review


A customer, Felix Poole states in his review that Sleep H2O Pillow is only decent for people who have issues with stiff neck occasionally.


Rudy Hammond, an Sleep H2O Pillow reviewer reveals that the pillow feels very cold on the neck and upper back when it is filled with water. It stayed so even after using a heated mattress pad under it.

According to the Sleep H2O Pillow review by Beth Quinn, the pillow is not food for people who side sleep and suffer from constant neck pain during their sleep. She found that the pillow was too soft for her neck and head and the water kept sloshing around regardless. She calls it as a flimsy and inflexible pillow that is a complete waste of money.

Eugene Ross’s Sleep H2O Pillow review complains that the pillow hurt his neck furthermore. It required the right filling of water that is difficult to achieve. Too little water makes it go very soft and too much of water can make it really hard to sleep upon.

One Sleep H2O Pillow review by Allison Hicks exposes that the pillow isn’t comfortable and the use of water makes it very heavy and awkward to carry when the water level is required to be adjusted.

One customer, Jean Coleman states in his Sleep H2O Pillow review that the pillow isn’t meant for people who sleep on their stomach. His review further adds that no matter the water level in Sleep H2O Pillow, it hurts the neck and upper back instead of relieving the pain.



Sleep H2O Pillow Questions and Answers

Q:Does Sleep H2O Pillow require constant changing of water?
A:Yes, due to natural evaporation, it requires refilling of water.

Q:Does the water chamber require sanitization?
A:It is a good practice to place a drop of bleach to guard it against mold and mildew.

Q:Is it difficult to empty the water out of the pillow?

Q:Will Sleep H2O Pillow work for side sleepers?
A:It doesn’t work for side sleepers since it can be unbearable, uncomfortable, and apparently non-returnable. Some user reviews state that it is useless for any type of sleepers.

Q:Does it help keep the head stationary while sleeping?
A:No, it doesn’t due to the presence of too much padding on the top of the water sack.

Q:Can Sleep H2O Pillow be laundered?
A:No. Instead an inner zipper cover and a pillowcase that can be laundered should be used with it.

Q:Does the water inside Sleep H2O Pillow slosh around?

Q:Will it work for people who have the tendency to sleep with their arms under the pillow?

Q:What side of the pillow should be used up?
A:The water side should go down while sleeping on it.

Q:Does it have latex in it?
A:No information is available.

Q:Is there a warranty associated with Sleep H2O Pillow?

Q:How often should the water be changed?
A:It should be changed once a year.

Q:What are the dimensions of Sleep H2O Pillow?
A:No information is available.


Sleep H2O Pillow Verdict

Waterbeds and pillows have been on the market for a long time. Thus, Sleep H2O Pillow isn’t really a unique pillow and has several competitors who provide similar solutions. One such competitor is Chiroflow Premium Water Pillow. In comparison to it, there are very fewer reviews available for Sleep H2O Pillow and its usability. Sleep H2O Pillow isn’t available anywhere except its manufacturer’s website, making it a less reliable pillow for purchasing. Chiroflow, on the other hand, is available on Amazon and has 4 out of 5 rating from 675 customers. Price wise both the products don’t differ much but reliability wise Chiroflow triumphs over Sleep H2O Pillow. Another option that users have is to look for more such pillows on Google, Amazon, and Walmart by searching for water pillows, water-based pillow, and pain relieving pillows. We suggest to compare all the options and look closely at the 2 and 3 star rated reviews since a lot can be understood about the pillow reading them.


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