Side Sleeper Pro REVIEW

Why Side Sleeper Pro

Is getting a good night sleep getting impossible. Introducing Side Sleeper Pro Pillow which guides, neck and vertebra into natural alignment. Relieves pressure on the neck while un-restricting airways. Reduces snoring for goodnight sleep.


How does Side Sleeper Pro Pillow work?

Side sleeping on a standard pillow causes your head to tilt forward placing pressure on the neck & shoulders. Sleeping on your back still curves the vertebra plus restricts airways. Side Sleeper Pro gives you the posture you need to maintain a good night’s sleep. It also helps to clear the air passageways reducing & eliminating snoring.


Side Sleeper Pro REVIEW

A user of Side Sleeper Pro, Renee, writes in her review that she has used the pillow and though it does work she is disappointed about the fact that there is only one pillowcase, which has silky fabric, and when it is taken off to wash, it falls apart even though it is meant to be a protective case. Another reviewer of the pillow, Ann, says that it seems very hard to her and her husband also had a difficult time adjusting to his pillow. A customer, Susan, states that she didn’t find Side Sleeper Pro helpful and she had a headache the following morning of using it. Though she wanted to return the pillow, there was no invoice, email to contact the customer care service, or information about how to ship it back. The reviewer also didn’t receive an email confirming her purchase though the amount was taken from her instantly.

One customer of Side Sleeper Pro, Dee Guarino, says that the pillow does not fit everyone and it is uncomfortable. The reviewer received two pillows when they had ordered just one. The reviewer bought two extra pillowcases because they were not included in the order, which cost them $16 with shipping. But the order came with pillowcase and the customer care wouldn’t take the extra pillowcase back without the shipment cost. For another reviewer, Paula, the pillow made a difference in her sleep and her neck stopped hurting. A user, Veronica, rues that Side Sleeper Pro pillows does not come with pillowcases but zip-on pillow covers, which is false advertising. While the pillow seems okay, its cover doesn’t protect her skin or can be removed and washed weekly. She adds that the fabric of the zip-on pillow cover is not cotton-blend or cotton percale like a pillowcase and it seems like nylon blend that feels rough against her face and hands. Other than feeling rough, the pillow covers provided also do not seem durable to her and would probably not withstand weekly washing for too long.

Veronica also states that she would have to remake a regular pillowcase that would fit the cane shape of Side Sleeper Pro, which is going to be a difficult task. It will be absolutely necessary to use a pillowcase to protect her face and also remove the case and wash it weekly but a traditional rectangular pillowcase might alter the way the pillow fits around her shoulder. She has had all her regular pillowcases in good condition for years in spite of weekly washing but suspects that Side Sleeper Pro won’t last even six months of washing. When she contacted the customer care service, the executive added that the pillow cover was in fact the pillowcase, which is inaccurate and something customers should be wary of.

For a reviewer of Side Sleeper Pro, Lisa, it is an awful pillow. She states that it is uncomfortable, lumpy, bumpy, small, and awkward. Lisa was upset because she had to pay $12 to ship the pillow back, while it had cost her $19. But what added to her anger was the fact that the Side Sleeper Pro promoters charged her $19 for their shipping and handling when they mailed the order to her originally. This made her lose two shipping and handling fees ($12+$19) for a substandard $19 pillow. She calls the manufacturer’s policy a highway robbery and a scam. She adds that while placing the order she didn’t have a chance to see the final price or even the invoice after placing the order so that she could review the info. The order was placed right away. The email confirmation that she received on placing the order contained no information that was of any significance. The advice slip had no customer service number or any other contact information. This made her feel being taken advantage of. Lisa further says in her review that the executive of the Customer Service said that she could write comments on their website. However, the website only takes orders for the pillow. Thus she couldn’t leave her comment or complaint on the Side Sleeper Pro website. Also, she hadn’t ordered for the pillows on the website but via snail mail.


What do I get?

  • Side Sleeper Pro
  • Matching Pillowcase
  • 2 Free Sleep CDs (Just Pay Separate S&H)
  • 30 DAY FREE TRIAL (Just Pay S&H)

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  1. I recently ordered the side sleeper pro air. It is designed ok BUT if you have neck or spinal column nerve damage; it makes those problems worse. It has no support for your neck.

  2. Wow so many reviews….

  3. Side Sleeper Pro pillows —DO NOT come with true PILLOWCASES!!! THESE PEOPLE need to understand that a PILLOWCASE is NOT a ZIP-ON COVER!!!! Calling Pillow Covers “PILLOWCASES” IS FALSE ADVERTISING!!!

    The pillows themselves seem okay—I just received them this morning and tested one but have not yet slept on it during a night. (I did not order via the website—I sent a money order by SNAIL MAIL!)

    This review is about the LACK OF PILLOWCASES as advertised!!!

    The pillow itself may work as advertised, BUT ONLY AFTER I USE A REGULAR PILLOWCASE OVER IT to protect my skin and give it a cover that will be removed and washed weekly!!!

    MY COMPLAINT is NOT about the pillows themselves, it is about– the SO-CALLED “pillowcases” which are NOT PillowCASES at all—they are the zip-on PILLOW COVERS, NOT “PillowCASES”!!!

    And the fabric of the pillow COVER is not a pillow CASE fabric, like a cotton-blend or cotton percale pillowCASES!!!

    The zip-on COVERS that the Customer Service woman on the phone says are the advertised “pillowcases” are of some weird feeling nylonish blend of something that is scratchy against my face and even scratchy to my hands!!!

    My regular rectangular bed pillows came with zip-on pillow COVERS that can be removed once in a while for washing—-BUT the zip-on pillow COVERS are NOT the same as PILLOWCASES that are used OVER THE PILLOW COVERS!!!! The manufacturers do NOT pretend their zip-off covers are PILLOWCASES, and they expect people to use PILLOWCASES OVER the zip-on covers that come on their rectangular pillows!!!

    PILLOWCASES DO NOT HAVE ZIPPERS!!!! PILLOWCASES are put on OVER the COVERS and slid off and on easily for WEEKLY laundering!!!

    A “zip-on COVER” is NOT a PILLOWCASE!!!!

    Pillow CASES are the soft—non-scratchy cotton percale or cotton-blend fabric!!!!

    As I said above the NON-PILLOWCASES that Customer Service wrongly calls “pillowcases” are actually zip-on pillow COVERS, are of a UNpleasant scratchy material that also feels very UNdurable which, I am willing to bet, will not withstand WEEKLY washing for very long, in addition to being scratchy against the face!!!!

    I am not a seamstress, and re-making a regular PILLOW CASE to fit this Cane Shape is going to be a DIFFICULT PROJECT!!!

    Using a REGULAR rectangular PILLOW CASE—-as WILL BE absolutely NECESSARY (to protect my skin and give a cover that will be removed and washed weekly)—- will probably affect how the cane pillow fits around my shoulder TOO!!!

    THESE PEOPLE need to understand that a PILLOWCASE is NOT the same as a ZIP-ON COVER!!!! PillowCASES have to be A SOFT FABRIC, like a cotton blend and a STURDY cotton fabric TO WITHSTAND YEARS OF WEEKLY WASHINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have had ALL my regular pillowcases FOR YEARS — and ALL are still in GOOD SERVICEABLE condition for many dozens of future washings for more years!!!

    BUT, IF people [wrongly] use the zip-on covers–if USED as “PILLOWCASES” and washed weekly—that chinchy weird nylonish scratchy fabric will be damaged and worthless in 6 months–maybe less!!!

    Also NOTE: The “Customer Service” woman told me to put my comments on their website—BUT their website only takes orders—THERE IS NO PLACE TO LEAVE A “REVIEW” on the Side Sleeper website!!!!

    Note: I did not order via the website—I sent a money order by SNAIL MAIL!!!

  4. Awful, awful pillow! Uncomfortable, lumpy, bumpy, small, awkward. I’m so mad – I paid $12 to return it – the item cost $19, then I see Side Sleeper Pro company charged $19 for their s/h when they mailed it to me in the first place! So I lost two s/h fees ($12+19) for a stupid $19 crappy pillow. Talk about highway robbery. It’s a scam – my first clue should’ve been that I had no chance to see the final price and invoice after ordering it to review the info – boom, the order gets places right away. And their email confirmation to you contains NO information worth anything. No customer service number, etc. I was taken advantage of.

  5. So, I just bought two more side sleeper pro pillows from the walgreens website. I first posted reviews here two years ago, so that’s how long I’ve been sleeping with these pillows. In two years, I’ve gone through two pillows. I just bought one for myself and now one for my husband (he tried mine while I was out of town and loved it – so that’s why I’ve now bought two more). The quality of these pillows is crap. The material is cheap and they rip easily. But the design is fantastic and I can’t sleep without it. I suffered for years with neck pain and ear pain, and the alignment of the pillow and the ear hole is perfect for me. So it’s a lot of money for a poorly made product, but there’s no denying the quality of the design. I may have to whip out my sewing machine and start making them for myself – no telling how much longer they’ll be on the market.

  6. The Side Sleeper Pro pillow is wonderful! A headache specialist told my daughter to get one for her neck issues that was causing her migraines. We both purchased one because I had neck issues after surgery that often led to stiff neck and headaches. We both have purchased more in case we wear these out! I use a feather pillow on top and after a week of a little adjusting my usual sleeping habits I was hooked.

  7. I ordered my Side Sleeper Pro pillow cases a month ago and still have not received them. The website does not provide any type of contact information. I am beginning to think I’ve wasted my money!

  8. Fiona Burdett | 8th July 2012 at 8:43 pm | Reply

    Did anyone find they got backache the first time they used the Side Sleeper Pro.. I was wondering whether it was the result of my spine and neck finally being in the correct position and it was because my spine had been in the wrong position for so long it caused my back to ache?

    Would be interested to hear anyone elses experiences.



  9. If you think it is over priced in Canada, it is $56 in Australia, and the Ozy Dollar is worth more than the American Dollar

  10. Good Design. Works great…BUT, “VERY POOR MATERIALS AND WORKMANSHIP!” I’ve bought 3 of these, just under $20 each. None lasted more than a month. The button fell off of one within 3 days. All had the seams split on both the actual pillow itself, and the pillow case. I can’t afford another one; but, I may steal their design; and, make one for myself, with better materials and better workmanship…my own.

  11. First of all thanks a lot for sharing the experience about Side Sleeper Pro. I suffer from discomfort while sleeping since I keep changing sides and slipping down from my pillow while doing so. I saw the advertisement for Side Sleeper Pro and was instantly fascinated to check the product. But as a cautious measure I first went to the web to search for reviews by people who have bought it. “Review for Side Sleeper Pro” immediately returned with some links. One link which prominently bugged me was the The review seemed completely dazzling yet unreal and it had a link to buy the product. I was shocked to find out that the ‘buy now’ link button took me directly to the main product website. I realized this might be a sponsored review and immediately exited the page. I should warn everybody of such shambolic reviews found on the net. Thanks to this site, my need of a genuine review was solved.

    • The site mentioned above is a part of thousand other websites which are put on the web everyday to fool people into buying any product. These scams as noticed are actually a part of using SEO for bringing the websites on the top of the search engine results by malpractices. The content is filled with words related to the product to fool the search engine and in turn fooling the users in need of a honest review.

  12. I love my Side Sleeper Pro pillow BUT…it is cheaply made! I took the case off to wash and the pillow itself was ripped in 4 different places..I tried to sew it back but the material was so thin, it wouldn’t hold. The pillow case also ripped and am unable to get it back on the pillow. I am SO upset about it. I couldn’t take it back to Walmart, where I purchased it, because I tried to fix it. I really loved the way I slept but I can’t afford $20 a night to sleep. Please someone read this and fix this problem!

    • I absolutely loved this pillow, and am in the process of looking for another one. The only place I can get a new one is from Amazon. In spite of the original pillow being cheaply made, and really hard to resew, I have not found a product/pillow that I love so much.

      Please, whomever is responsible for the manufacturing of these excellent pillows, IMPROVE THE QUALITY, AND YOU’LL HAVE A BEST SELLING PILLOW FOR SURE!!

  13. I bet the BBB has a gazillion complaints or I should hope so. And if so, it’s surprising the Intersell Ventures LLC website for the side sleeper pro is still there and apparently no improvements made.

  14. I purchased my Side Sleeper from a local drugstore. A think it’s a great idea, but the pillow is too hard and even worse is the poor quality pillow case. You can order more pillow cases online, but there’s no option for better quality.

    • Depending on if this person is being truthful and a good seamstress, there is an option. I will agree the material of the pillowcase does seem thin but it’s doable. Here’s a link to someone who makes them. I cannot vouch for dependability but Hey it’s worth a try?

      I never saw anything about upgrading my pillow I just got the one shown. I have been happy with it since I got it. It did take longer than what they told me on the website. I did go looking one day to get back to where I ordered from, but it finally did come, more than what I thought I ordered The charge was higher than I thought it should be but I attributed that to the extra items. Now I am gifting one of the extra pillows.

  15. Received my order and couldn’t even get through one night with this pillow. It’s lumpy, hard and made my ear, side of my face and shoulder go numb. I tried switching from side to side but same result not to mention a totally sleepless night. It’s crap! Then the big shocker….my visa bill shows $107.18. It’s just a scam. When I called they told me I upgraded to the pillow that moulds to your body. Has anyone else heard of there being two different pillows on the add? Then she said the rest was all the high taxes in my area. What a load of crap! They’ve just inflated the extra charges which are all hidden when you order in hopes that people won’t check their credit card statements or return their crappy pillow before the deadline. They should be shut down. I’ve never ordered anything before where they don’t let you know the total of your order either on the phone or through a confirmation email. These people are corrupt. I only wish I would have found this website and read all these reviews before placing my order.

  16. Side Sleeper Pro Question | 10th October 2011 at 5:30 am | Reply

    why is side sleeper pillow more expensive in canada?

    • Because the Canadian dollar is not the same as the US dollar. All products have different prices in the two countries.

      • If you are in Canada I urge you NOT to order. I am in Canada and I received a charge of $107.18. The goods are shipped out of Ontario but the costs are totally inflated. When I called she tried to tell me that I had upgraded to a pillow that moulded to your body and that I was in an area with high taxes. What a load of crap. I also reviewed the pillow on this website. Two thumbs down!

  17. RIPOFF!!

    This Side Sleeper Pro company makes money by shipping items not ordered…and charging shipping an handling. At this point I am working to get a remaining credit of $64.98….and I HAVE NO PRODUCT…the people at Visa are working with me and are considering a courtesy credit (goodwill)…side sleeper has promised things from different agents that would refund all charges… to will not refund shipping. Will also advise the Better Business Bureau ..


  18. Curt & Rose Bittle | 16th August 2011 at 12:00 pm | Reply

    I bought the Side Sleeper Pro off TV. My husband didn’t like his. I liked mine because it kept my head lifted up, so I don’t snore. However, that is where the “like” ends. I have been having pain in the arms from the elbow to the shoulder…discovered (after using it for a couple months) that it is the pillow causing my problem. I quit sleeping on it and pain gone. It is too hard and I was waking up with a sore ear…the ear hole is in wrong position for me. One of these days I will learn to quit ordering items I see on TV, always junk, bad, not as advertised, etc.


  19. Joyce Justice | 7th August 2011 at 1:24 pm | Reply

    I am a restless side sleeper. I purchased the side-sleeper pillow a couple of months ago and didn’t like it from night one. Every once in awhile I try it again but am disappointed every time. It is hard as a rock and the case is rough and scratchy. I switch from side to side often, and each time I have to sit myself up, turn the pillow over and reposition it, which fully awakens me and it’s hard to get back to sleep. Every single night I have tried it I eventually end up throwing it on the floor in the middle of the night and sleeping the rest of the night on my nice soft foam pillow with the satin cover. I tried the pillow again last night and woke this morning with the worst stiff neck and shoulder! That’s it, no more. I plan to give or throw it away! Don’t waste you money.

  20. Unless you absolutely want to own these pillows do not purchase through the website. I returned mine and disputed the bill with Amex and all they have to do is say they never received the merchandise back. They get the product and payment…sweet deal.

  21. These folks might be more successful with their venture… and have a better reputation… if they would delete the little actress who indicates she is sleeping with her “boyfriend”. Poor image and example setting regardless of the quality of the product!!!

  22. I’m with the majority, this pillow is terrible. I find it too hard and the case is too rough on my skin. I was hoping it would ease my chronic neck pain (from arthritis) but I actually wake up some mornings feeling worse. I also find myself waking up during the night with the circulation cut off in my forearm and hand from the area that loops around the front. Unfortunately I kept it beyond the 30 day trial so I’m stuck with it. But hey, I found another use for it. It works great between my legs!

    Also worth noting is that on the day of my online purchase a mysterious $200.00 charge appeared on my credit card. That’s still under investigation by my card provider but I’m pretty sure there’s a connection.

  23. My wife is a side sleeper and had expressed interest in trying the Side Sleeper Pro Pillow. She has had it for just over a month and loves it. Now…here is the bad part; the pillow is literally coming apart at the seams! What junk! I wish I could give this product a glowing five star review…but if I had it to do over again I would keep the 20 bucks in my pocket.

    • I have had the same experience. I have had 2 pillows in the last six months and both of them came apart, shoddy material. As far as sleeping on the pillow I love it !! I have alot of neck problems and it is great for me to sleep on but it doesn’t hold up! Wish I hadn’t spent $20 on this if I had known it wouldn’t last.

  24. DO NOT BUY THIS PILLOW!! The “free” pillow cases is very scratchy and stiff, button broke first day in ear well, zipper sticks and ear well is in the wrong place for my head!

    I read other reviews about dealing with customer service and being told “the supervisor is not available”. When I called to get return information, I was also told “the supervisor is not available”. When I asked what that meant, he just said “just the supervisor is not available”.

    On the website, a “free shipping” dialog box will pop up saying if you signed up with them, you would receive $15.00 off the shipping of your current side sleeper order. This never happened! When I asked, I was just told they are a separate company. I said that they are allowing this company to pop up on their website and by doing so, they are backing the free shipping claims.

    I will take a loss, but will return the two pillows which are hard, lumpy, and like I said ear well is in the wrong place.

  25. I have had 6 back surgeries and can only sleep on either side. With regular pillows I was waking up with neck and shoulder aches to add to my regular back pain. I have tried all kind of therapeutic (expensive) pillows and have returned everyone! This pillow is the only one that gives me any relief. Loving it! Only wish there were better pillow cases, colors at least.

  26. I learned the hard way to NEVER order from the website! For ANY product! If you cannot find it on or another LEGITIMATE and well-known, trusted website, try buying it IN PERSON at a store! To avoid future scams. I have been robbed by the ACAI BERRY diet supplement website in the past and learned the hard way NEVER to order from ANY website that is unknown

  27. I was unimpressed by the Side Sleeper Pro. I only used it for one night and I had a restless sleep and I woke up feeling as though I had slept on 3 pillows stacked height.. the pillow was really lumpy and hard too. Was uncomfortable on the face (cheek bone mostly). I was really excited about this product and I was disappointed with it. But in saying that, I. Still did only use it for one night. Maybe it was my neck just getting used to a new way of sleeping, or I used the product incorrectly, but I wasn’t game enough to try another night with it.

    • It does take more than one night to get comfortable with the Side Sleeper Pro Pillow, I have to say. It took me several nights to really break it in — it is lumpy and hard at first, but now I’ve had it about two months and I love it — I sleep so much better and have pretty much no neck pain at all. I don’t think it is well made, and that’s a problem, so I don’t know how long it will last. But for now, I haven’t slept this well in years.

  28. This number will get you a live person, Side Sleeper Pro customer service: 866-783-8246 I called to return my pillows. You need a return authorization and label to return the pillows. This number should be good to cancel orders also, or for complaints. Good Luck

  29. Mary Brockmiller | 31st May 2011 at 11:50 am | Reply

    My issue is not with your product as I have no idea as to whether it works or not. Mine is with your advertisement. The testimonial proclaiming that “I had a fight with my boyfriend” only adds to the climate of immorality our children face every day. The testimonial was not that compelling so I question why it would be included at all. Why must we continue to pander to the lowest elements of society. I would have infinitely more respect for both you and your product if that were removed form you commercial.

    • Chris Garcia | 3rd June 2011 at 10:23 am | Reply

      I totally agree with Mary B! Why not say, “I had to fight my husband for mine!”

      • Unfortunately, the world has changed, and, despite the best efforts of Moralists to protect people from immorality, pre-marital sex is now the norm, because today’s youth demand (and get) instant gratification in all areas of life.

        Sweeping the issue under the rug will not make it go away. Quite the opposite. In fact, the areas with the strictest policies against sex education in schools are the areas with the highest rates of teen pregnancy and STDs.

        All that aside, I’m far more offended about the crappy quality of the pillow itself, and the sneaky “just pay separate S&H” scam, which then turns into a massively inflated credit card bill.

    • Wow, lighten up guys. Its a damn commercial.

      • I’m assuming by your responses that you are self-righteous, hypocritical Christians that do not follow your own teachings (judge not, that ye be not judged). The beautiful thing about our country is that people are free to live as they please. Your preachy, judgmental attitudes are much more offensive to me than people in love who live together. How Christian and moral is imposing your opinions and values on others? And not for nothing, but the generations before us were no innocents – draft dodgers, socially accepted alcoholics, philanderers and wife-beaters, hippies, LSD, coked up yuppies, the list goes on. If one of our generation’s “big problems” is that we live together premaritally, I’d say you got off better than your parents.

  30. I purchased my Side Sleeper Pro at CVS for $19.99 and love it. It is a little weird to sleep on but it has eliminated my pain in my neck, shoulder, arm and upper back. It has made a huge difference for me. I wish I could get a nicer pillow case; maybe I will make one. I have spent a fortune on special pillows and none has helped me as much as this one.


    Is there an ‘ear-hole’ on both sides of the pillow, or just one side? (I’m asking about the side sleeper pro, if that makes any difference…?)

    Thank you for any help anyone can give me,

    • The ear hole is on both sides so you can sleep on your left or on your right.

      • Thanks Jane, I appreciate you taking the time to help me out! I’m really looking forward to receiving my pillow… 🙂 Have a good Memorial Day weekend,


        • I have had my Side Sleeper Pro pillow for about a month, now. With this great pillow, I sleep through the night, and do not have any more pain in my neck, or shoulders.

          What a wonderful product.

          • ross hoblitzell | 3rd June 2011 at 4:13 pm |

            Donna: I don’t think many people sleep on their side all night. Most people change position many times through the night.

    • Yes the ear-hole is on both sides

  32. Mary-Theresa Dameron | 26th May 2011 at 11:50 am | Reply

    My husband needs a full face CPAP for sleeping. Will using this pillow cause problems?

  33. I didn’t see the TV ad, but I purchased the Side Sleeper Pro pillow at the Fred Meyers store last week for $19.99.

    It’s a wonderful pillow – I sleep through the night now and wake up without any pain or discomfort – first time in years that I’ve been able to sleep without tossing and turning.

    The pillowcase isn’t wonderful to look at – I pop the pillow into a decorative fabric bag when I make the bed in the morning.

  34. DO NOT USE the website to order Side Sleeper Pro!!! What a scam. For something that should have cost $19 – came to $99! The website is very tricky with pop-ups that add to your order and then processes it without letting you review the order. I ended up cancelling my credit card because their website has not phone number to call. After hours of searching, finally found a customer service number – 866-783-8246.

    • Yeah, you can call that number between M – F, so you are out of luck with correcting your order like we did & it comes out to way more than you think it is going to be. Come Monday I will call first thing & probably cancel the whole thing because of how they do.

      • On hold now for 10 minutes….waiting…May have to dispute the charge if they don’t want to answer their phones. Not a good sign. Well they just picked up now. We are calling because we want to return the “side sleeper”. My husband does not like the pillow said they are as “hard as a rock.” Well, we finally got through to customer service. Thank you for posting the phone #. CS offered a $10 credit which is better than spending another $10 or so to ship them back. Would NEVER order this type of item again. My lesson of the week.

  35. I received the 2 pillows for $19.99 with the additional 2 free and was shocked that the final cost was $79.99. Finally decided what the heck if it works…….Less than 5 minutes of use and it will be returned-it is very hard and uncomfortable to lay on and the pillowcase is very thin, poorly made.

    • I purchased the 2 pillows on the website for $19.99 + two free pillow cases. The cases did not come with the pillows and still waiting…can you tell me what they listed the other charges for a total of $79.99? I will definitely check my credit card statement to see what this is for. The total on the order form before I submitted was $39.99 (the two pillows for $19.99 plus $9.99 each shipping) I approved a trial offer from which should have taken $15.00 off the shipping….I have to say I couldn’t even lay on the pillow for 10 minutes. Maybe my ear is in the wrong place, but the bottom of my ear kept touching the bottom of the ear hole and this was very uncomfortable. Pillow is also too hard.

  36. Eileen Phelps | 17th May 2011 at 4:36 pm | Reply

    I agree that the pillow is great, but the cover is worthless.

    I didn’t want to return it, so I bought a large woman’s tee shirt (3x) and that worked well, but I found that I need a still larger size. I’m going to look for a big man’s tee shirt because I find that the 3x shirt didn’t leave room to pull the shirt all the way over the pillow and accommodate my shoulder. The stretchiness of the knit lets me push some of the pillowcase into the ear hole.

    I have sleep apnea and scoliosis as well as an old whiplash injury that causes pounding in my ear when I lie on my side. This pillow is the best I have found that relieves all of my symptoms. (FYI, I’m 75.)

    I also have a drawstring bag that sorta goes with my comforter that I put the pillow into each morning. It’s not a pretty pillow to look at.

  37. Vincent Pedulla | 14th May 2011 at 9:59 am | Reply

    I received the “Side Sleeper Pro on Thursday, May 12, 2011 and I Returned it on Friday May 13, 2011 because the product generates too much heat. Reference # 22513 & Reference # 23000 returned via Canada Post “AF0004 0509A086 FCHZ E CANCPEP 00522”

  38. Gina DeLaune | 14th May 2011 at 8:13 am | Reply

    The first one I bought I absolutely love! The best sleep I’ve ever had! So I went out and bought a second one to keep at work where I sleep over, so I won’t have to lug my pillow back and forth. UGH! The pillow is over stuffed and the most uncomfortable thing! My neck hurts,my back hurts !There is definitely a difference in the amount of stuffing in the second! I’ll have to do some fixing now and unstuff it some! You may need to regulate the amount of stuffing put in or start labeling soft, hard med

    • Gina,
      Did you order the pillows from the same place? If so, was it from the TV commercial, or at a store?

      Ultimately, would you recommend the side sleeper pro?

      I have the beginning of degenerative bone disease in my neck, along with some arthritis in my neck & back, so I’m really hoping this pillow will work! I’ve tried so many different kinds, I didn’t think there were any new ones left for me to try! 🙂

      I appreciate any input you would give me.


  39. I hate this pillow. I bought it hoping it would help relieve some of the pain I deal with from overworked muscles in my neck. It has done quite the opposite. If you stay in one position all night and never move, then this pillow might work for you. But I have woken up to find my head hanging off the edge of it, and then I end up having extreme stiffness and PAIN for days. I am having a flare-up so badly right now that I can barely look down at my keyboard to type this. And the hole for your ear? Useless, unless you never move in your sleep. This pillow will go into the trash today and I am going to go buy a buckwheat-filled one. I am very disappointed with the Side Sleeper Pro.

  40. Marcus Douglas | 5th May 2011 at 1:33 pm | Reply

    I just received my pillows, and the pillow cases are separated at the seams. They are poorly constructed, and I am afraid they will not last. According to their customer service, the very thin fabric that is actually, a cover for the pillow is also considered the pillow case. The one that the stitching is separated. I wasted my money on these cheap pillows. Never again will I buy anything from T.V. ads. Never. Just a sure fire way to get your money, then tell you to go to hell.

  41. Please, can anyone give me a phone number for the company selling these pillows online? Thank you.

    • 1-800-621-8866

      • Sorry I don’t know the #. Although it should be on the ad. However I saw the pillow for $19.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond.

        • After reading these reviews, I don’t think it’s a good idea to buy from the website. I will definitely go to Bed Bath and Beyond and look at this pillow before I decided to buy it!! I’m so glad I read these reviews before I just decided to buy this pillow! I’m sure it has save me some time, money, & grief!!

  42. I ordered the Side Sleeper Pro pillows over a month ago and then just came, but without the CD nor the pillow cases. There were also no return policy instructions and they never said anything about charging me more after one month. If this is a legitimate company, make this right!

    • Gary —

      Call customer service 1-866-783-8246 & ask to speak to a manager.

      The hours are M-F, 8:00am to 10:00pm Eastern time. I found the managers to be very accommodating. Good luck! 🙂

  43. George Spang | 4th May 2011 at 3:38 pm | Reply

    Please cancel my order of side sleeper pillow with 2 pillow covers and 2 extra pillow covers. This was ordered 3/7/2011. Today is 5/4/2011. We have bought other pillows to get the relief you purport.

    • This is a product review website, and has nothing whatsoever to do with the company you bought the pillows from.

      Please contact that company directly.

  44. I have read all the Side Sleeper Pro reviews and it sounds like it is a good pillow and I plan on purchasing the Side Sleeper Pro pillow at CVS today and not online or over the phone as I see it is a big problem getting your pillows. I am glad that I read these first before purchasing and will try it tonight to see if it will work well for my neck problems. Thanks for all the input about the pillow.

  45. I was suffering from severe neck/shoulder/back pain to the extent of seeking medical treatment. I purchased the side-sleeper pro pillow at Walgreens for $19;99 and have never slept better in my life! All of the pain has subsided and I feel completely rested when I wake up.

    I am so sorry that so many people have had a bad experience with what seems to be telephone or television orders. I would suggest that you purchase the pillow from a retail store, so that if you are not satisfied with it, you can simply return it. Walgreens will accept return of the item if you are not satisfied.

    The only downside is that the pillow only comes with one pillow case and I don’t know where to purchase additional pillow case(s).

    I was debating buying a couple pillows to give as Christmas gifts this year. That’s how much I LOVE the pillow!

  46. barbara gizze | 29th April 2011 at 5:20 pm | Reply

    I absolutely will not pay for the delivery of this pillow (with another at no cost)..I cancelled this before finalizing the order..and again when I was contacted at another time since the call in February…If it appears on my card, I will advise not to pay you. I never dealt with such inept people on the phone, and frankly, it was inevitably the reason I cancelled on that night..and I am holding on now, trying to reach you, and again, am waiting an inordinate amount of time. Jonathan…code 566, just advised me that this was already charged…when I told the stupid recording that I changed my mind, it didn’t register, and I am now stuck with these unwanted pillows (without cases, I might add. Totally not a happy camper. I surely feels as those I was hoodwinked, and would appreciate a notification from you that you credited my account for the amount. Barbara Gizze

    • Barbara, you’re posting to other customers on a third party consumer site. This is not the company and no one here knows you or can give you satisfaction. I hope you find a way to get it fixed through the company.

  47. I ordered two Side Sleeper Pro pillows on 3/18/11. I called the company on 4/27/11 to ask why I had not received my order. The customer service representative told me that the pillows were on back order, and were not expected in until 5/17. They were unable to send me an email to let me know they were backordered, and there was a possibility that I would not receive my order even after the 17th. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, he said they were in a meeting for a new product line. I cancelled the order. Please don’t bother to order these pillows.

  48. How do you contact this fraudulent company? Pillows ordered 3-13 and not yet arrived, that’s nearing 2 months (42 days).

  49. I commented earlier. I originally got the pillow when it was on QVC, now they are everywhere. Walmart, Walgreens, Bed Bath….My entire family uses them. I bought them for my mom and dad and two sisters. They are great for sleeping and really nice for lounging on the sofa watching TV. The ear well really is comfortable and you can actually hear the TV. I love this product. Here is the website if anyone wants to try it. – Rob

    • NEVER order from the website! For ANY product! If you cannot find it on or another LEGITIMATE and well-known, trusted website, try buying it IN PERSON at a store! To avoid future scams. I have been robbed by the ACAI BERRY diet supplement website in the past and learned the hard way NEVER to order from ANY website that is unknown

  50. Ordered pillow on 2/7/11–still haven’t received it–almost 3 MONTHS!

    • I also ordered mine Feb 9th and as of today, April 21, NO PILLOW. And no way to contact them it seems. NOT HAPPY.

    • I ordered my Side Sleeper Pro pillow through Carol Wright. I was contacted immediately and told that the pillow was on back order and wouldn’t be available until May. I opted to keep the order active and wait. I am glad I did! I just received it yesterday. I am sorry you had to wait too, but I hope you hang in there. I woke up this morning without a backache for the first time in a LONG time!!

  51. I have neck problems and decided to try the Side Sleeper Pro pillow. It is very comfortable, but the quality of the product is poor. I have had to stitch the seams around the ear hole and along the back and front sections. I am not a heavy person, I weigh 123lbs. I don’t throw the pillow around or abuse it in anyway. Now the zipper has broken. I’ve only had it for two months. I’m disappointed.

  52. I had a great sleep… at first, I used the pillow 2 nights, I skipped one night in between. Both times I used the pillow I woke up with a very sore throat as if something was pushing down on my throat all night. It was very painful and after 4 advil and waiting for them to kick in the pain went away. If my throat continued to be sore on the day between I would just say I had a bug or something. I really think that you can lay on the pillow wrong and being that I am asleep , I can’t control how I lay on the pillow then. Anyone else have the same thing happen to them? I am terrified to try again as no matter how well I fell asleep it is a horrible start to my day to wake up like I h ave a huge golf ball sized painful lump in my throat. BTW I went to the doctor, nothing wrong with my throat.

    • Your symptoms sound very much like an allergic reaction, rather than an issue with how you lie on the pillow.

      I strongly suspect that you’re allergic to a chemical used in the manufacture of the pillow, possibly in the cleaning process. You never know what toxic brew they use in the Chinese factories where all these as-seen-on-TV products are made. I know from my own experience that most of them come out of the box positively REEKING of chemicals, and I have to air them out for a couple of days before I can use them.

      Try washing the pillow (by hand, or on the Delicate cycle, since the pillow may fall apart in a stronger cycle), then let it air-dry (outside, if possible).

  53. I bought the Side Sleeper PRO at Bed Bath and Beyond but there are NO INSTRUCTIONS as it says on the box. And how the heck do you find a pillow case to fit it!!! Customers were not considered and NOT 1st on your agenda! This is so unfair to not have the instructions or a pillow case when you know there are none out there to buy!

    I do like this pillow and have slept well 2 nights but last night I was fighting a regular pillow case I had put over it and I did not get hardly any sleep.

    You should be ashamed of your product not meeting a customers needs!
    A pillow case would not have broke your bank!

    I may just return it and forget it!

  54. Hello, if this is a discussion only board, what do we do? I have one suggestion, call your Credit Card Company and make your complaint.

  55. Gail Perroncino | 11th April 2011 at 9:50 am | Reply

    I have ordered Side Sleeper Pro Pillow and have not yet received. The sales people on line claim it is on back order. I put all the information as requested on the order site. How do I cancel this order?
    Anyone have the toll free #?

    Thank you,
    Gail Perroncino

      Chiropractor Developed – More Info!

      Dr. Larry Cole graduated from Palmer Chiropractic College in1973. Dr Cole did his Post Graduate work at the Spine Research Institute of San Diego, CA and has since become a member of the American Chiropractic Association and the Tennessee Chiropractic Association. Dr Cole has done extensive research regarding sleep in conjunction with the musculoskeletal system and has received various accolades for his work.

      In 2004 Dr. Cole developed and patented the Side Sleeper Pro Pillow to alleviate neck stiffness. In fact, the Side Sleeper Pro Pillow is the only pillow that has a built in “Ear Well” to relieve external ear folding and help you get a more restful night’s sleep.

      “I designed the pillow to make sure that people are able to sleep in the normal side posture position in order to get the best restful sleep possible.” – Dr. Larry Cole.

    • I’ve read many replies, got my answer to sleeping on one side, good to know it does help some, so I will probably buy one. Also agree, buy it, or anything As Seen On TV, from a store. I saw the pillow today at Wal Mart, where returning an item is no problem, same at Bed Bath, which has them. Also Walgreens.

    • I was able to go online to and cancel my order there. The reason I sent mine was the undisclosed extra shipping charges that brought my order up to 40.00. When canceling the order a message appeared to offer me a $10.00 dollar discount. That really just means they charged me $10.00 to much.

      Good luck

      • If you just be patient you most always will find these As Seen On TV products in a store to buy somewhere. Then there is no shipping to pay and an actual store to take the product back to if it doesn’t work out for you. I found this pillow in CVS & purchased a couple of weeks ago. So far so good & I don’t expect to have to return. But yes it would be nice to have a real pillow case for it.

    • yes, it is 1-800-621-8866

  56. I have one question about the Side Pro pillow. It is shaped like a question mark, has an ear hole for you to lay on, while on your side and the long leg supports you down the back. Sounds real good, but what happens when you turn over? Same ear hole, but now the long leg is down the front of you and the short leg of the question mark is behind your head. Sort of removes all the benefits, doesn’t it? Just wondering before I buy. Haven’t read or heard anyone mention this problem.

    • I’ve now slept two nights on it. Yes, that is a problem. You have to flip over the whole pillow, which requires you to wake up and completely reposition yourself and the pillow. Plus, you can sleep wrong on the pillow, so you have to think about getting yourself into the right position as you’re doing it. However, I will say I wake up less often than the tossing and turning I was doing before. I have less neck pain than with a traditional pillow. The pillow is somewhat lumpy and takes some getting used to, but the neck pain is certainly getting better. It’s not a perfect solution, but I like it enough that I am going to get a second one to keep on hand for when this one inevitably wears out (hopefully a long time from now).

    • Gina DeLaune | 14th May 2011 at 8:24 am | Reply

      I’m a pillow hugger, so this is a plus for me! Both sides work just as well for me.

    • lol you flip the pillow over.

  57. I never saw the commercial and ran across this pillow at Walgreens while looking at the Sokabawa pillow. I have a lot of neck problems, and slept with this pillow last night and I definitely woke up with much less stiffness. I’m giving it another night or two and then I’ll go buy a couple more to have on hand. But I would NEVER purchase anything “as seen on TV” from their website. Almost anything you want can be purchased in a store — if not now, give it six months — and I always hear about customer service problems and extra charges if you go through the web sites.

    • I agree. Never buy new things from a fly-by-night site. It will come to stores near you soon enough or be on Ebay or other sites where you can get some sort of protection and customer service.

  58. I bought 1 of these pillows today at a “As Seen on TV” store in the Burlington mall in Canada today for $39.99. I got it home and there was no pillowcase! Not 2 pillows just one. What a rip-off.

    • Brian, U said U bought ONE pillow from the mall, but yet it had ONE Pillow case and you are upset. If there is ONLY ONE pillow, #1 why do you need TWO ? And #2 Why are you upset, there is ONLY ONE pillow according to you. ……….Just Curious & a Little Confused!!!………I Really hope the Pillow works for you

      • I ordered my pillows in January and still have not received them. I called and they said I would have them in two weeks. they were going to expedite them. That was 5 weeks ago. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE . Not trust worthy.

      • He didn’t say he was upset that there was only one pillowcase but that he was upset that there was only one pillow and NO case. Apparently he was under the impression it came with two pillows and cases.

        Brian, you should have read the package to see what it contained before buying it and if it is supposed to have two pillows with cases then return it.

  59. If anybody from Canada is ordering the pillow, here is the Canadian number so u don’t get pay the COD 1866-430-8155, they say this stuff is crazy!

  60. I bought mine at Bed Bath and beyond. I love it. Most as seen on tv items can be purchased at any number of places, so don’t order from web sites.

    • Hey Debbie, ….. I completely AGREE with getting it from either Bed Bath & Beyond or ANY other store and NOT the website. If None is paying attention, you can end of up spending almost $56.00 for the MUST HAVE PILLOW. …..You pay $9.99 for S&H for the 1st pillow….then 5.99 for some CD’s that I Know I DON’T WANT…Then If you like it, you pay another $39.99…..WOW….but IF you don’t READ in between the lines, you are screwed to put it nicely…..And after ALL of that, Pray it works like they say it will…And I WON’T even go into what happens IF you DON’T !!!! So like I said, I AGREE with you in your choice to Walk into a Store..Pay 1 set price…Keep your receipt…and KEEP your Sanity !!!

  61. LOL thank god I checked out this website. What a ripoff scam!

    • Only a ripoff if you go through them. I am very hard to please when it comes to pillows and so far so good with this one. But ANY as seen on tv company tries to rip you off if you buy through them. Always purchase in stores: Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Walgreens, Walmart, and Kroger always have lots of “as seen on TV” products. Probably other stores as well, I’m sure.

    • you said it.

    • Better Business Beureau anyone?

  62. I called the 866 number someone else posted and was able to cancel my order without problems what so ever

  63. This is the most worthless pillow my husband and I have ever tried. Good luck trying to get your money back it comes in a plain brown box, and I cannot find a way to contact the company to get my money returned. We rate this pillow a 0. Not only does it not work but ours was shipped to us dirty!!

    • I’m sorry to hear that this has been a bad purchase for you….I must say that I am so Glad that before I purchase things Off the Internet, I READ, RESEARCH, and Maybe RELAX ….ONLY after I feel like I am Completely satisfied with EVERYTHING….I try to weigh the Positives and the Negatives…..I make sure there is a # online….But I DON’T just Stop there…..Once I have gotten the info Off the “Official Website…I GOOGLE !! GOOGLE!! and GOOGLE some more….U can get a Million and One Facts, Lies, Opinions, and Other Options about One so called WONDERFUL – GREAT – MUST HAVE – EXTRAORDINARY – CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT – AS Seen on TV Products…..and ONLY then will I make the choice to Buy it not only “online” but from the “make/official site…. I HOPE there will be a Happier Ending for you….

  64. So I really wish I would have looked at this site before I bought the Side Sleeper Pro from the official website. Now I’m really worried I’m not gonna get the dang thing.

    • OMG I’m so mad! I got on the website to try to track my order. The website won’t let me do anything. It won’t even let me set it up so that I get an email when it ships. I truly believe the website is a scam! I tried to use the cancel order now button that was there and it wouldn’t let me do that either. And then it was gone after I’d pushed it. I am definitely calling them tomorrow and giving them a whole piece of my mind!

  65. Hi, I just called 1866-783-8246 to cancel my pillow. The ordering is tricky. I had no problem canceling, they were very polite.

    • Polite huh? Well from what I’ve heard with sites like this you should keep a close eye on your bank or credit card statement because they sometimes still charge you or ship the item anyway. Once you get it they won’t refund shipping and then you have to pay to return it so you end up just deciding to keep the item… Just be careful.

  66. Just got two of the Side Sleeper Pillows and I just love them, but I didn’t get extra pillow cases. I would like to Know where I can buy some? Can someone let me know.


  67. Anyone interested in a number to call about these pillows.

  68. Good Afternoon:

    I ordered some of these pillows what seems like 2 months ago and I have not got them. Can you please call me with some shipping information.

    Neal Brandt

  69. I NEVER order from the “official” TV sites. I got mine at Walmart for 19.88. I LOVE, LOVE it!!! I do have the same concern someone else had about having only one case and how long it’ll last.

    • Amen !!! I agree with buying a product..”As Seen on TV” from the Store….99% of the products we see on TV are “At a Store near you”!!!.. I have Paper Trails from 1995. (receipts). It can be a 3 to almost 6 month time frame for you to Order the product, track it, actually get it, and IF you DON’T like it, return it, wait for them to Get it, and then WAIT – WAIT – and WAIT some more – for you to get your $$ back….Times are hard & my mind can go Left..(if u know what I mean) when it comes to a company NOT giving me my $ back ASAP.

      IF I can Pay you for the product ASAP…or HAVE to pay u before I can get it…….then you should PAY ME ASAP as soon as you have your product back….Go to Walmart! One of my Top 5 places to shop!! Take your Pillow/Product – Stand in line for a few minutes – Show your Receipt – and get your $ back!!! All is Well!

    • One more time While I cannot vouch for the person or the cases she makes, try this.

  70. What is the phone number for side sleeper pro, I need to check on my order?

  71. Jerry Marshall | 8th March 2011 at 8:32 pm | Reply

    I was informed that no product was available. Please e-mail me when product is shipped. Thank you.

  72. Barbara Stauffer | 8th March 2011 at 12:29 pm | Reply

    I did not get a confirmation on the order with total of order. It said there was an error when I submitted it. So was this order placed. Please advise me of confirmation number and total amount. If I do not get a confirmation with an amount on it please cancel my order and advise me of the cancellation.

  73. I have not receive the pillow yet, but ordering it is FULL of gimmicks. I ORDERED ONE pillow, but the order was automatically “upgraded” to two pillows, with an additional charge of $9.99. There is no way to contact anyone or retrieve or change the order. It is also very difficult to place the order or navigate away from the page, you just have to quit your browser. Of course their “order status” site does not work…so the $19.99 pillow will actually cost you $39.98. Be Prepared!

    • You are very lucky I ordered the pillow, got the second one for free SO THEY SAY, The site asked If I wanted extra pillow cases for $9.99. I said no, they put them on my bill anyway. I figured what the hey having a couple extra wouldn’t hurt. Get down to the bottom to see how much I have to pay IT”S $97.84. To top all this off I haven’t received them and it’s been over 3 months.

  74. BUYER BEWARE!!!!! Entering into this website and making an inquiry can end up seeing your credit card billed for more than you intended it to be billed for. Sad to say I fell for it and what I thought would be a $19.95 charge turned out to be $144.00 charge to my credit card with no link to disputes and a telephone number that is constantly busy…. They hold the bill conformation notice until after the order is shipped. Fortunately I came to this website and found out what was going on. Immediately called my credit card company and canceled the card before the charges were made against my card. Now I have to wait for a week or more to get replacement cards… Thing is, I like the idea of the pillow but I will find a source locally to purchase one…. Very poor marketing tactic….

  75. Why is everyone complaining about the scam? Read the offer details. I’m going to buy one, but not from some stupid as seen on tv website or 800 number! Read this, your total when selecting 1 pillow will be $39.97 (2 pillows and cases in actuality)

    Offer Details:  The Side Sleeper Pro Pillow comes complete with its own zippered pillowcase, normally a $40 value, for only $19.99 plus $9.99 processing and handling. And just for ordering today, we’ll also send you a second Side Sleeper Pro Pillow free, you just pay the additional $9.99 processing and handling. Your Side Sleeper Pro Pillow comes complete with a 30-day money back guarantee (less P&H). NY/CA will have applicable sales tax. Please allow 2-6 weeks for delivery. Additional $10 processing and handling for delivery outside of the continental US.

    • George,

      It sounds like you are from Side Sleeper Pro. If you are, I have a question. I ordered the pillows over 6 weeks ago. When am I going to receive them. I can order anything from anywhere in the worlds and it does not take 6 weeks. Behind the times maybe? I am sure it is an awesome product and I am excited to try it, but I am concerned of whether or not I will ever receive them. After reading some of the reviews, I am really concerned!

      Thank you,

    • Hey George, let us know what they charge your credit card. 🙂

  76. The Side Sleeper is a dream. I have looked & looked for a pillow with room for my shoulder so my neck would get more support. Thank goodness, FINALLY, there is one. One thing I’d like to see is the option to purchase additional pillowcases. I have to wash mine once a week and I’m not sure how long it will last with that much washing. Thanks Dr. Cole for the Side Sleeper. Sorry to hear so many had a problem with the pillow or the customer service in ordering or returning the pillow. I got mine at Weis grocery store for $19.99. Sleep well all.

    • Never buy it on the phone… Store like Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, etc. sell “as seen on TV items” buy it there. I love mine! I am just wondering where I can buy extra pillowcases….does anyone know?

  77. I’ve read all the reviews & can’t believe they are scamming you. I actually bought mine through Publishers Clearing House & everything was just as advertised. I can’t tell you how much I love this pillow. I’ve tried all kinds of specialty pillows and none have given the great night’s sleep I get from this pillow. I don’t toss & turn & my back & doesn’t hurt. I can’t recommend this pillow enough! If you’re afraid of ordering it online, it’s for sale at so many local stores there shouldn’t be a problem.

  78. So I tried this pillow for the first time last night and I really, really liked it. I found it comfortable and liked being able to “cuddle” with it while I was sleeping. I woke up without a stiff neck and back and NO HEADACHE!!! I woke up less than half as much as previous nights as I had no discomfort in my neck or shoulder. I am VERY satisfied with this product and would not hesitate to recommend it to others. Definitely worth the money to try it out if you can find it at a store….

  79. I live in Canada and for me, buying this pillow was as easy as going to the mall and to the store called “As Seen On T.V.” I paid 19.99 CDN plus tax and will try it tonight…don’t order on line and get scammed…find a retail store and buy it there….good luck.

  80. Please cancel order 9690643. Please cancel order immediately. I did not order this. Provide me with a phone number so I can talk to them.

    • I think this is just a discussion board, not the company. If you’re still having problems, you need to contact the company.

  81. I received an order confirmation on order 9690643. I did not order anything. Please cancel order immediately!

  82. Cindy Shepardsoh | 19th February 2011 at 9:00 pm | Reply

    I bought my side sleeper pro at walgreens for $19.99… hoping it will give me relief at night.

    • Cindy Shepardsoh | 20th February 2011 at 9:19 am | Reply

      Last night was the first time I tried this pillow… I totally love it as I awoke this morning in the same position I was when I went to sleep. My shoulders, and back feel better than they have in months… and I slept all night without waking at all… very rare…. Thank-you side sleeper pro… And thank you for selling it in Walgreens for $19.99. No postage or handling. Immediate satisfaction….

  83. 1-866-783-8246

    For everyone like me and the ones above that got scammed here is the number it took me two days to finally contact them.

    • Thanks for the number. They said they could not cancel the order because it takes 48 hours for them to get information on the order. By then they will have shipped it! What a scam! The order was confirmed without my final approval on the amount due to a pop up window I could not get rid of! I’ve filed a complaint with the FTC and Consumer Affairs. This is outrageous!

      • Thank You Karen and others for the heads up on this scam. I am just finishing up with my bank who has tried to file against these people for the last two months. Even my bank has been deceived, because they are now closing the fraud claim, stating that the Side Sleeper Pro people have claimed to them that $79.92 was for S/H for pillows I never ordered. When I received 8 pillows after attempting to order 1 pillow online, I immediately returned the two boxes, REFUSED at my post office. I called for a complete refund, which came to over $150.00. I did get about half of my money back, but the bank has now given up on my case. I’m stuck paying for merchandise I sent back, and never ordered in the first place. Now I wish I had kept at least one pillow. Well, I can always go to Walgreens. Again, Thanks!

      • WTG for filing a complaint. ‘Bout time someone did. Show them this discussion board!!! 🙂

  84. They sell this in the Harriet Carter magazine for $19.98 plus about $6 shipping.

    • I bought a Side Sleeper Pillow at the Harriet Carter store Newar where I live last Tuesday. I loved it so much that I went back on Wednesday and bought one for my husband and had one sent to my cousin in Florida. I haven’t heard yet how she likes it but my husband and I REALLY LOVE it.

  85. Need to cancel my Side Sleeper Pro order asap.

  86. Very disappointed in the Side Sleeper Pro tv ad. One of the comments by a customer is that “I had a fight with my boyfriend” over the pillow, intimating that the customer was sleeping with a man to whom she was not married. In a majority of Christian circles, living with someone without benefit of clergy is yet considered wrong behavior. It is unfortunate that ads such as these “condition” our young people into believing there are no longer any moral absolutes.

    • Your comment is ridiculous and irrelevant. You make all Christians look absurd

    • Anna Marie –I agree with you.

    • Anna Marie, I agree with you also. I am not a christian but I do agree we have an obligation to teach our children good morals and self respect.

      • Anne Marie, I too am a Christian but do not feel this is the place to air your concerns. This is to review the Side Sleeper Pro pillow and the service of the company. I do however agree with your concerns…just wonder if there is a better outlet for you.

    • Brad Ashforth | 1st March 2011 at 6:49 pm | Reply

      Many other who were raised as Christian and Catholic do not have such an outdated or draconian view of love and life. Live life as Christ would want you to live … love one another for who they are. You certainly have the right to complain to the company on their advertising, but believe me, if I were them and received your particular complaint it would end up in the recycle bin.

    • Anne Marie is correct in her thoughts on this and is appreciated for bringing it to everyone’s attention. Although it may not be the proper avenue to voice the complaint, the point made by her is RIGHT ON TRACK! I’m just curious out of all of the comments bashing her; how many are living in the situation that she pointed out…ie…together and NOT married. Apparently a nerve has been struck.

      • I am married, and I agree with those who think that her comment is a bit ridiculous. it’s 2011. in addition, it didn’t seem to me that Ann Marie was being bashed in these reviews, people are pointing out that this is not the outlet to address this. she’s complaining about a statement made in a commercial!

        my husband bought me the Side Sleeper pillow because I cannot make it through the night without tossing & turning, and apparently it’s also affecting his sleep. I tried it for the 1st time last night and wasn’t loving it. after reading these reviews, I’ve decided to give it another go (or 2 or 3…). Thanks all for suggesting giving it an adjustment period!

    • Who said they were sleeping together? maybe they just barrow it!

    • Seriously? Bringing religion into this? The subject which more wars have been fought over than any other! You can see why. Control, control, conform, conform or go to hell or you are bad etc. I feel sorry for people who feel the need to push their control issues onto others.

    • This is about pillows.You should take your comments & place them where they appropriate. Not everyone shares your beliefs. I believe that my “pillows” are going to make me sleep better, which in turn is gonna make me a nicer, happier individual!

    • I’m not particularly religious, but I tend to agree with you that it’d be nice if marriage was promoted more. However, I agree with those who said this isn’t the venue — this is merely a discussion board of consumers who can do nothing to agree or disagree with you. You should voice your concerns to the company, not here. That being said, I doubt they will do anything. There are many different opinions out there on this issue and they will do what they feel is best for their company, as they should. It would be wrong to bow to one person or group’s opinion on this matter.

    • Get a life you insane woman!

  87. Horrible product! Tried it for a few months and absolutely cannot sleep on it.

  88. I’ve had too many sleeping issues ever since I was a girl (not being able to fall asleep, can’t wake up in the morning, never felt rested, not able to breath properly, snored, teeth grinding, moved like a tornado when asleep). I bought the side sleeper pro pillow a week ago and I’m really amazed with it. I’ve been sleeping like a baby! I fall asleep within minutes, feel super rested and energized in the morning and my husband says I no longer move, snore or grind my teeth. (he is the happiest one, haha). If it keeps working as it has so far I don’t think I’ll sleep with any other pillow ever ever ever again. Note that I don’t work for this company, nor am I getting any benefits for this review. I’m just a super satisfied consumer!

  89. Anyone who feels they have been scammed – and it seems like this is really a scam on the pricing – call you state of local Consumer Affairs as well as the Federal Trade Commission ( this is interstate commerce) and lodge a complaint. Also, complain to the Better Business Bureau and/or call a consumer affairs reporter at your local television station. These guys won’t stop until their victims start taking action.

  90. I am surprised that in this day and age a scam like this will go on. I would like to thank everyone who have commented here and save me from the trouble. I was going to order 2 sets but after reading reviews changed my mind. Thanks you all.

  91. Seems like many of the sales-heavy 800-number tricks are happening with this product. They’re at WalMart for just under $20, includes one cover. Mine’s made of poly-fill like a regular pillow, not the small polystyrene beads that a lot of neck pillows are filled with. Very comfortable and should be excellent for travel.

  92. Ordered the Side Sleeper Pro pillow thinking about $40.00 now it says $74! Trying to cancel so far no luck but just placed my order!

  93. Beverly Frazier | 2nd February 2011 at 7:11 am | Reply

    I want to cancel my Side Sleeper Pro order. Confirmation #9431883. Please advise as how it do this.

    Thank you

    • Hi I wanted to let everyone know how to cancel their orders for side sleeper pro if you are charged improperly or feel scammed before they process and ship the pillow. Go to your original confirmation email you received at the lower right bottom there is a link customer service status. click it then it brings up your order with a cancel order button on the top left you can click on that and follow the instructions. I am so relieved I found this and cancelled my order this morning. Hope this helps everyone!

      • Hi, I just placed the order for Side Sleeper Pillow and the charge is $79.94. The offer was 2 pillows and 2 covers at $19.99 + S&H. I went to the link, and filled out the form – name + last 4 digits, phone no. + last 4 digits, e-mail + last 4 digits, etc. and it came back saying it takes 24 to 48 hours for the information to process. Did you go into their link immediately after ordering as I did, or did you wait a day?

      • I wish I had read this first. Just ordered what I thought would be $40.00 and was $75.00. very disappointed. I will have my bank cancel in the morning. I still have not received confirmation of order to respond to.

      • Hi Stacey-followed your directions and in the confirmation email the following link was in the lower right hand corner of the email:

        Clicked on it. They provide you on this next screen 5 options to check your order status. No where on this screen is there any option to ‘cancel’ your order, no phone number for questions, concerns or any other customer service considerations. Not even a website. Your helpful suggestion might have worked when you ordered last week but not now. If your link in your confirmation email is different from this one, please provide it for those of us who were scammed. Thank you.

        • Yes, if you put your information on one of the options there it will take you to your order summary where there is an option to cancel on the upper right side of that screen.

        • YES! I tried this too when I originally placed my order for one pillow. The screen went immediately to 4 orders without my selecting anything, and no matter what I tried, the order stayed the same. I wanted to cancel then, but could not. I could not stop the “ball from rolling”. Advise everyone considering ordering what may be(?) a good product, to reconsider ordering online.

    • Just placed order online and it said $9.99 for delivery, now it says $19.99 for delivery, how can I contact company to resolve this issue.

    • Thanks so much for the information about how to cancel my order. I was shocked at the shipping and handling charges and was also surprised that the web site did not have a shopping cart feature to cancle or change amounts. Whewwww you saved me a bundle in bogus charges and unwanted merchandise.

  94. I attempted to order 2 Side Sleeper Pillows….did not even finish the confirm, when I saw the cost I did not want to order, it confirmed the order for me and charged me $104.91. called to block the credit card payment, but it went through anyhow, got the pillows today, they will be returned to sender and a dispute will be filed on my credit card.


    shipping price is the same as the pillow. This is why the shipping price is not revealed until you order.

  95. SCAM! Intent was to order 1 Side Sleeper Pro Pillow (w/2nd free w/S&H) and when the order was placed it showed 2 orders being shipped for a total of $70.00 ($5.00 off each order). No phone number or “contact us” on the web page, on the order confirmation or on email sent confirming purchase. WISH I READ THESE REVIEWS PRIOR TO ORDERING. WILL ATTEMPT TO CANCEL OR CONTACT CC TO CANCEL CHARGES!!!!!! What doesn’t make sense is they lost a sale due to their scam!!!

    • This happened to me too…. and thank God this site contained info on how to cancel my order. See the comment by Stacie on Feb 7….. follow her instructions to cancel your order. It works!

  96. Looks like I too should have read these Side Sleeper Pro reviews before placing an order. Will be calling my bank tomorrow to stop payment to this company.

  97. I just ordered what I thought was 2 for one pillows and cases, however, when my order printed it showed that I ordered 4 pillows and cases. Instead of my order coming to $39.97 it is $74.94. There’s no telephone number that I can call to question this.

    • 866-783-8246 is the number to call. They scam from 8 to 5 Mon-Friday.

    • After reading these posts, I contacted They were great to deal with. Actually received my pillow 4 days after order was placed … WOW! They don’t have the same offer as the manufacturer, but shipping was reasonable and I only wanted one anyway.

  98. Thanks for the reviews - Jacqui | 24th January 2011 at 11:12 pm | Reply

    I wish that I had read these Side Sleeper Pro reviews before I ordered 2 pillows and was charged $80. Calling my credit card company tomorrow.

  99. Side Sleeper Pro Poor Customer Service - By Linda Scheurer | 24th January 2011 at 1:57 pm | Reply

    I ordered Side Sleeper Pro Pillow, returned because did not like it and now guess what??? Haven’t heard a word from them and their phone line goes into a busy circuit. I will try to cancel payment through bank. What a scam.

  100. Scam! I’m working now with my bank to make a fraud claim against this so called company. Saw the add on TV, and wanted to order ONE pillow for my husband. Ordered one pillow online, got gorilla math pulled on me, tried to cancel the order-no luck there. Could not contact the website to cancel- order was 8 times what I wanted! Tried to contact them by phone-no luck there, either “busy” or ” no longer in service” messages were what they gave me. (Pretty angry by now!) Then, this phony company,using a slightly different name, so as to fool the bank computer(?)made a second attempt at charging me This was accepted, and my account was then charged almost $150!Now, today, I received 8 boxes of the pillows. Finding NO return slip in the packaging, I ‘googled’ the return address on the box. It does not exist!I DON”T WANT THESE PILLOWS! SCAMMED!

  101. How to keep from side sleeping?

    • I used the Side sleeper pro website, yes there is gorilla math, order placed different quantities, and charged about $60.00 for shipping and handling of 2 pillows for a total of over $100.00. The page glitched immediately after it self confirmed my order, yes I was upset. I received no conformation email, called credit card company. I was fortunate, no charges had been placed. I canceled card and ordered a new card just to be sure. This was last week. I was at the mall today, low and behold a As Seen On TV store. Went in and found they had the pillows right there in stock. The website had said, “Not Sold in Stores” imagine that.
      I truly believe the main problem is the choice of marketing thru the Official web site.

      It is not owned by the pillow manufacturer, but a pro web marketing firm. I have read many complaints for many different items thru this web site. Look at the ordering information link and you will read of their policies that should discourage anyone from ordering anything through them. Any contact info is to the webmaster in San Diego, claiming no guarantees or information from manufacturers. Be careful my friends. When ordering online, make sure you have verifiable contact information, and the ordering engine allows you to change, delete,modify and confirm your order, It should have a final order review feature before you confirm the transaction. It’s easy to get in a hurry and just type, I am guilty to, but I am learning, it is an expensive and distasteful experience. I wish you all the best.


  102. I bought one of these Side Sleeper Pro in a store a few days ago. Had never seen it on TV. First time I take it out of the package, it busts open and spreads little white beads everywhere. I am really ticked off, I paid good money for a piece of crap. Stay away.

    • I have this Side Sleeper Pro Pillow and it’s filled with regular pillow poly-fill – not polystyrene beads.

      • I just bought this Side Sleeper Pro today at Walmart – $19.97 for 1, Made with fiberfill – NOT LITTLE BEADS!!
        I’ll let you know how I sleep tonight!

    • This pillow is not filled with beads….thanks for the mis-information! Guess you bought the wrong product buddy.

  103. I have had this Side Sleeper Pillow for a couple of months. I bought it because I need to sleep with my head slightly elevated or I have vertigo in the morning.

    I don’t know what I would do without it! The pillow is firm and supports both the head and the back extremely well. Although it is made for side sleeping, I’ve found it equally comfortable when I’m on my back. The top of the curve cradles my head while the lower part of the pillow positions the back for real comfort. I love it and plan to buy another one. The only problem is the cover is custom, and an extra one costs almost as much as the pillow itself.

  104. what is the Side Sleeper Pro made of?

  105. Have had neck pain so thought I’d try this. It is so hard. It is also thick so my neck is cranked up and not level and pillow doesn’t give at all. The idea of the shape is good to keep you from curling up at night but is so hard and uncomfortable. Made pain worse.

  106. Putting the services and delivery aside, is the Total Pillow good at helping with neck pains?

  107. SCAM – Like other victims here, I ordered two Side Sleeper Pro pillows, with shipping and handling should have been about $49. But with Side Sleeper’s gorilla math, the total came $76. I didn’t even screw with their customer service, I just shut the credit card down.

  108. I went to the Side Sleeper Pro Website on 11-17-2010 and placed an order for 2 Side Sleeper Pillows at the offered price of $19.95 plus $8.95 shipping and handling each. The following morning I received conformation of my order and was surprised to see the price was now 29.99 plus 17.98 each for shipping and handling. I immediately called the Customer Service Hot-line (1-866-783-8246) to cancel the order. After several minutes of arguing (very intense on my part) with the Customer Service Rep about what part of “cancel my order” he acknowledged the order had been canceled. I will also notify my Credit Card Company to stop payment to

    • Thanks for the Side Sleeper Pro customer service telephone number. I also placed an order for 2 for one pillows and cases for $39.97, but when my order printed it showed I ordered 4 pillows and cases to the tune of $79.94. Couldn’t find a customer service number until I saw your complaint. Thanks again

  109. Do not order this Side Sleeper Pro from the official website. You are not allowed to review your order – when you press enter – you are hit with a $17.98 P & H charge. I tried calling EVERYDAY for to get it canceled but my order wasn’t on the system. From a Monday afternoon call that still showed it wasn’t on the system until a Tuesday morning call – guess what..? Oh, it shipped last night. I plan to refuse from the Post Office and dispute the charges on my credit card. SCAM – SCAM – SCAM

    • I suspect that the problem most folks are having is that they are ordering two (2) pillows rather than just one (1) I cannot speak about this website but have found in the past when a duplicate article is offered for FREE, and you pay additional shipping and handling, that you automatically get the second article, pillow, whatever, whether you actually want it or not. By ordering two pillows you have unknowingly increased your order to four.
      (2) You are paying full price for and 2 you are paying extra shipping and handling for. Since I realized this I always search for an alternate web site to order from, or I wait for the item to show up at Walmart.

      This pillow is fabulous for me and I’m now sleeping full nights without moving, snoring, or waking up with pain in my back.

  110. can someone suggest me an alternative to this Side Sleeper Pro or any store where I can buy them, I don’t want to get scammed by the shipping/handling policies of this “as seen on tv” pillow

    • I purchased the Side Sleeper Pro pillow at Bed, Bath and Beyond…and saved 20% using one of their coupons! No shipping or handling required. BTW, the pillow does make a difference in my sleep. My neck stopped hurting!

    • I purchased my Side sleeper pillow at the Amerimark website. It only cost me $22. Just google: amerimark side sleeper pro pillow. It is the best pillow, I have never slept better. I also have no more neck or shoulder pain.

    • I bought my Side Sleeper Pro today at BJ’S Wholesale store for $17.99

    • I bought one today at BJs Wholesale Club

    • Buy SideSleeperPro at Bed, Bath and Beyond. $19.95 plus tax.

    • They have it in the publishers Clearing house for $19.96 ..just said not to pay yet..I have no idea as to what they charge total tho??

      When I see people say a scam and describe this I will not order at all…it has beads and I have a small comfy pillow like that already…not too hard.

      Never know what you are going to get placing orders I have learned this. Just read below a lady found one less expensive at Bed Bath and Beyond..helps her neck other reviews are not so pleasant

      Good luck!

    • The best pillow for side sleepers or back sleepers is the Tempur-Pedic pillows. The SidePillow by Tempur-Pedic®. Side sleepers deserve a pillow designed especially for them. The SidePillow cradles your shoulder and neck when you sleep on your side for better alignment and support.

      Feel: firm

      Use: Side sleep

      Ergonomic shape developed by doctors to promote proper alignment and support Relieves shoulder, neck and back pain by allowing neck and shoulder muscles to relax completely Contoured TEMPUR® material maintains shape for correct support Removable and washable cover Dust mite and allergen-resistant


  111. Bought the Side Sleeper Pro Pillow from Amazon for $19.99 + shipping. Total came out to $26.98. Ships in 3 – 5 days. I had ordered direct from the website first, but then canceled the order when I saw it on Amazon for less and with much faster shipping. When you go cancel your order on the website, they offer you an additional $10 off the price, so you may as well always at least do that.

  112. After reading these Side Sleeper Pro reviews here, I’ll wait till it’s in the stores and check it out, see how firm it is, etc. and then decide if I want to chance buying it. Most times when I do this I don’t buy and am so glad I didn’t order over the phone or web. At least then I have the option of returning it and getting a refund right away.

  113. I ordered my Side Sleeper Pillow on August 9th.2010, and I’m still waiting. I have a confirmation, but no charge to my card yet. It’s into November next week, and that’ll be 3 months… some service.

  114. What is Side Sleeper Pro made of? What is inside it?

  115. Hal Trachtenberg | 21st October 2010 at 10:26 pm | Reply

    Pros: Pillow does exactly what it says it will. I have had it for 2 nights so far and have woken up without any neck-pains or backaches.

    Cons: Might take some people time to get used to it, specially if you aren’t used to sleeping on your side. Shipping charges turned out to be more than what I expected. Not only was I charged $17.98 for shipping, another $10.00 was charged for some kind of zoning charge because it was being shipped to Canada, then when it arrived I had to pay another $14.00 for duty. The original price was $19.99. When all was said and done, I paid over $60.00. However, this is probably the same amount I would pay if I bought any half decent orthopedic pillow in a store. I have used other orthopedic pillows in the past but none have worked as well as the side-sleeper pro.

    In conclusion, it was still worth the $60.00 to me, although I think the company should be more upfront about the total shipping charges. I would recommend this pillow to others.

  116. This pillow is a joke. It costs as much to have it shipped to you as it does for the pillow itself. You cannot reach anyone to actually talk to if you want to return the product. The website says the shipping cost is $8.99 per unit and they charged us $17.98 per pillow. Guess the only way they can make money is to charge as much for shipping because they don’t refund it to you when you have to pay to return the product. This product is a JOKE! Stay away from it.

    • I ordered this Side Sleeper Pro because my mom saw the ad on t.v. First of all, the website is tricky…it does weird things and next thing I know I’m ordering over 100.00. I could not call immediately as it is difficult to find a number. The website hides things. I called the next a.m. when they opened and the lines were busy for a long time. I finally got through to a rude man. I just wanted one pillow and he said it had to be the 2 for 19.99…plus almost 20 bucks in shipping. I said the shipping was ridiculous as this is not heavy. I told him I was in shipping once and the weight does not merit the cost, he told me I knew nothing about shipping at which point I told him to cancel my order as he was very rude. BEWARE…this place is full of cons.

  117. Bought 2 pillows – was having trouble sleeping all night, now sleep all the way through the night. It provides great support for neck, shoulder, ear hole – great face forward, great invention. My wife also sleeps great awakes refreshed best pillow yet and we have tried many, worked very first night, finally a pillow that is for sleeping on side with comfort.

  118. I recieved the Side Sleeper Pillow and tried it and found it not helpful to me, I had a headache in the morning. I am not saying its a bad pillow, it just didn’t work for me. Now I would like to return the product and there was no invoice in the box and no information on how to return.

    Why is there no email address to contact them? I never got an email confirming my purchase, just the amount taken from my bank 3 weeks after I purchased. If I can buy online shouldn’t I be able to contact as well?

    If anyone is interested in this product wait till you are able to purchase in a retail store.

    • This Side Sleeper Pro Pillow does not fit everyone. Uncomfortable to say the least. They shipped me 2 pillows when I ordered 1. I bought the two extra pillowcases only because they said to me when I called that it did not come with any pillowcase. They cost $16. with shipping. Guess what- pillow came with pillowcase. They would not take back anything unless I paid the shipping. Rip Off in my book. Buyer beware!

  119. A few hours after I posted that last comment, the pillows we ordered showed up!!! (I was shocked.) To me the pillow seemed very hard to me. The pillow was not soft to me at all. My husband had a hard time adjusting to his also. He will try his again tonight, but I gave up!!

  120. I’m beginning to wonder if they ship the pillows by horse and carriage… It’s been almost a week since the money was taken out of our account, and at least 2 months since we ordered the pillows…. I hope it’s worth it!

  121. I do sleep on my side, always have. Bought one on QVC and I swear by it. I also use it when watching TV on the sofa. The ear hole helps to hear the show. I travel with it too. I say buy one. I called the marketing company and they will be in stores in Oct-Nov. -Rob

  122. I ordered this Side Sleeper Pillow on 7/12/10 via their website; and yes there are always “additional values” which I turned down. I did receive a confirmation email of which I saved a copy to my file. The confirmation has the order number on it and gives a website to check status: The website offers options to search for your order. I inserted last name &order# and a copy of the bill DOES appear, shows I have not been billed as yet and that item should ship within 2 weeks. Well, it’s been 2 week, 2 weeks, etc. since order date. I have checked other websites for this product and the product is no longer available so their is either a manufacturing problem, or they wait until a certain number of pillows are ordered and then they place THEIR order to the manufacturer. I will wait 2 more weeks, if not I will cancel the order as their is the option to cancel the order on this website.

  123. Has anyone actually received a pillow(s)? I first tried to order on the web and was pretty sure it did not go through. I waited a few days before calling the “call now” number. Sure enough, they had no record of an order for me so I ordered via the phone. And by the way, she (didn’t get her name) said it was now buy one, get one. By the time they added the $19.99 for the pillow and shipping twice for the CD’s which I didn’t want but was now getting two sets, the total came to $37 and change.

    This was well over a month ago, I have no pillow(s), am unable to check my order on the web and the customer service number (1-888-435-3110) listed on the web is nothing but a dead line. The address is a P.O. Box so I’m not going to waste my time trying that. Fortunately my credit card has not been charged.

    I hope someone knows who or where to turn these crooks in.

    • I have ordered this Side Sleeper Pillow through their website about 4 weeks or so ago & I haven’t received it yet either. It says that it can take 2-4 weeks, but we’ll see. I don’t have the website to view order status w/me, but If I get it, I’ll let ya know!

      • I ordered the pillow through the website over four weeks ago (allow 2-6 weeks for shipping), and came to the realization that I did not need the pillow. I checked the status of my order online at, which showed that my pillow had not yet shipped. I called the customer service number given in my confirmation email, and after several minutes of waiting on hold, got referred to the actual customer service number 866-783-8246. I called this number, and the agent said the item was on back order but should ship as soon as two weeks (two weeks seems to be consistently promised by them). I said I wanted to cancel the order and the agent offered to reduce the price of the pillow by $10, but I graciously turned it down and canceled. Whole process went smoothly.

        I concluded that I do not need the pillow, since I already have a foam-based pillow that is serving me well. The TV ad for this pillow did educate me that I should try to keep my head straight relative to my spine while sleeping on my side to get good posture. I can do this on my own, but I am sure the pillow will help others who cannot.

  124. Okay – in fairness, I finally got hold of Annette at the 877 number, explained that I was unhappy with not being able to view a total or have an opportunity to cancel before they recorded the sale. She apologized and canceled the order for me.

    I’d like to have tried the pillow, but as with most ‘TV’ products, the shipping and handling are huge to make up for the ‘wait there’s more’ (there is no such thing as a free anything and in this case the ‘free’ CDs have a S&H 8.99 all their own on top of the pillow). I’ll wait for it to show up in stores and then maybe try it.

  125. I have to agree with the reviews/complaints to be found on the internet. What a scam to not even be able to check out the bill before being charged for the additional unwanted cd’s. Can’t even get a customer service person on the phone. Continuous Message: All Circuits Are Busy. By the way, there is no customer contact info. available to send e-mails to either. Additionally, there is no way to cancel or change your mind once your credit card info. has been inputted. How do these companies get away with this blatant disregard for consumer rights? Stay away! This company practices fraudulent and deceitful practices!!!!!

  126. Scam – no chance to see the final price/invoice for an opportunity to cancel. When you assume you will see the final invoice, the order is placed. Calling Customer Service get you a pre-recorded ‘all circuits are busy’ – ya I’ll bet they are. Shipping and handling is as much as the product. DO NOT BUY.

  127. is this pillow any good….has anyone used it

    • I have used the pillow and it does work the only thing I am very angry about is 1-there is only one pillow case, 2- I take off the the case to wash it and the (supposedly) PROTECTIVE cover is falling apart its made out of silk and Falling apart. so I hope someone sees this info and makes the serious changes that it needs!!!!

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