Dreampad Pillow REVIEW

About Dreampad Pillow

The Dreampad is a pillow that is fitted with patented sleep technology to help you get a good night’s sleep. The pillow is soft and has hypoallergenic eco fill making it comfortable to use.

This built-in sound technology works with your body’s natural conductivity. The Dreampad connects via Bluetooth to an app that plays special music designed to induce deep sleep. The pillow is embedded with micro transducers that help music and sound waves travel via bone conduction, helping you drift into deep sleep. The sound travels through vibrations so only you can hear the sound and it doesn’t disturb anyone else.



Dreampad Pillow Questions and Answers

Q. Can I use the electronic components in another pillow? Dreampad Pillow is too thick and uncomfortable.
A. The pillow is built to allow additional fill. The electronics seem to be transferable. But, if the fill is too soft, you may feel the electronics.

Q. How much radiation is omitted from the pillow? Is there any radiation protection?
A. Dreampad Pillow uses a standard Bluetooth chip that is found in many wireless devices and smart phones.

Q. Can you wash the Dreampad Pillow in a washing machine?
A. It doesn’t seem wise as it has electronics that don’t have a waterproof cover.


Dreampad Pillow Review

Dreampad Pillow Pros

The music feature on Dreampad Pillow is good. The speakers work well. Setting it up is quite easy.


Dreampad Pillow Cons

Users have reported that they can sometimes feel the electronics in the Dreampad Pillow. Adjusting the volume on the speakers can be challenging. After setting it to the lowest volume, it could disturb the person next to you as reported by one user.

The Bluetooth and app usage may need more work as using it to listen to music is not always smooth. The sound sometimes plays through the phone rather than the speakers in the pillow. And the time taken to sync the music to play through the pillow deters sleep.

The Dreampad Pillow could cause headaches as claimed by a user. Also, Auto sleep toggle is claimed to not function on the iPad but works on the iPhone. The App has been reported to crash occasionally.



What do I get?
Select from:

  • Medium Support w/Dreampad technology – $159.00
  • Memory Support w/Dreampad technology – $179.00
  • Slim Support w/Dreampad technology – $149.00
  • Firm Support w/Dreampad technology – $129.00

Official website: DreamPadSleep.com


Dreampad Pillow VERDICT

Dreampad Pillow has made itself standout quite well in this ever growing and competitive market with its patented sleep technology. But the question is whether the execution of the idea is as promised by Dreampad Pillow? As per the reviews more improvement is needed in the technology designed for smooth working of it.

As an alternative we recommend you Music Speaker Pillow by AUSPA for $19.99 which is way more cheaper than Dreampad Pillow which ranges from $129 to $179. You can get AUSPA Music Speaker Pillow on amazon.com, it is featured as amazon’s choice product in this category depending on the high ratings and well pricing of the product. Just because a product is patented does not make it eligible to buy without researching or looking for other options which can give you best value for you money. Remember to read the reviews before finalizing the product on which one to buy especially 1,2 and 3 star reviews to understand how the product works in real as compared to the advertised.

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