Restform Bamboo Pillow Review

About Restform Bamboo Pillow

Restform Bamboo Pillow proclaims to be a keep cool and deep sleep pillow that can be customized to provide maximum support and comfort. Restform Bamboo Pillow convinces that it can be shaped into eight different ways to provide restful sleep and superior comfort. It also assures to deal with the problem of snoring by maintaining the ideal sleeping position and ensuring that air passages are no impeded.


How does it work

Traditional pillows are hard and do not support your head or neck and shoulder and need to be adjusted time and again through the night. But Restform Bamboo Pillow states that it conforms and customizes according to the user to provide maximum support and comfort. Restform Bamboo Pillow has a comfort core design and soft supportive shapeable memory foam pieces that adjust and contours according to the shape of your neck, shoulders and head to provide better comfort and sleep.


Stay cool and deep sleep pillow

Not getting quality sleep, waking up tired, and staying groggy all day can be because of the pillow that doesn’t give the right support to the neck, shoulder and head or need to be adjusted thus disturbing sleep. But now Restform Bamboo Pillow declares to be made of shapeable memory foam pieces that contours according to position you sleep in. Restform Bamboo Pillow promises to be like having eight pillows in one – as a standard pillow, pressed down flat, high contour for support, low contour for kids, folded into half to read and watch TV, plumped up soft, put on one side for higher volume, or create two-in-one contour for full body support whether you sleep on the back, side, or tummy.

Stays cool all night.

Restform Bamboo Pillow asserts to have temperature controlling features that keep the pillow cool all night long. Restform Bamboo Pillow guarantees to never flatten and have a luxurious soft sleeve that is naturally hypoallergenic and prevents dust mites, moulds and other allergens. Restform Bamboo Pillow emphasizes that it maintains ideal sleeping position to keep air passages unimpeded and alleviate snoring. It claims to give you uninterrupted REM sleep all night.

What do I get?

You get 2 Restform Cool Pillow and X2 Mesh Covers for £49.99 Plus £4.99.Official website

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