Priceless Pillow REVIEW

What is Priceless Pillow?

As per the infomercial, Priceless Pillow states that it is a premium quality, affordable luxury pillow designed to adjust to your head & neck to keep you comfortable giving you a peaceful and restful sleep! It is eco-friendly & hypo-allergenic, and machine washable too!


How does Priceless Pillow work?

Priceless Pillow proclaims that its 100% Tencel Outer Layer is “smoother and softer” than similar fabrics like cotton. It alleges that micro-cushions offer extra cushion and support, in addition to a proprietary blend of silky, gel, virgin fibers that are much more comfortable and supportive than down. This claim of Priceless Pillow will be confirmed only once users review Priceless Pillow.
Priceless Pillow

Priceless Pillow promises to be perfect for side sleepers. It keeps your head aligned with your spine ensuring you get a good night’s rest while you sleep on your side. It also emphasizes to be great for back sleepers too. Does Priceless Pillow really work as promised? Send us your Priceless Pillow review.


Tencel Outer Layer Priceless Pillow


It maintains that Tencel is more breathable than cotton (stays cool), is more durable (for machine washing and drying), and wicks away water significantly better than cotton. Such fancy claims can be substantiated only once Priceless Pillow is reviewed.


Breathable Tencel Material of Priceless Pillow

Priceless Pillow REVIEW

Jenna Baldwin likes the Priceless Pillow and writes in her Priceless Pillow review that it is a comfortable pillow, but there are pillows in the $40 to $50 price range that are just as comfortable.

Jessica Daniel is unhappy with the Priceless Pillow and says in her Priceless Pillow review- “Due to the smell, I aired out the pillow air out for two nights before I slept on it. I’ve aired it out during the day for two more days and tried to sleep on it at night. The smell wakes me up multiple times during the night”.

Lynda Doyle is not very happy with the Priceless Pillow and claims in her Priceless Pillow review that the pillow worked great for a few months, and then it went flat. She says no amount of tumble drying will keep it from getting flat.

Jonathon Hughes writes in his Priceless Pillow review – “This pillow changes shape during the night, so you have to either keep turning it over and around every day, or put it into the dryer to fluff it back into original shape. By the time I wake up the pillow is already in a shape that’s less comfortable.”

Ivan Wade used the Priceless Pillow and states in his Priceless Pillow review that the pillow is very comfortable, but he is disappointed by how squished it became after continued use.

Susie Conner, another user writes in her Priceless Pillow review- “The pillow is okay but it doesn’t get warm and the pillow case may help with air circulation, but I find that the it does compress and I have to flip it a couple of times during the night to the fuller edge.

In his Priceless Pillow review Philip Watkins writes- “I used it for a few months but no matter how I tried to adjust it, my neck has been killing me since I started sleeping with it”.

Sandy Summers is unhappy with the Priceless Pillow and complains in her Priceless Pillow review- “This pillow, even with the loft adjustments, was not suitable for my head and neck. I ended up returning it.

Anna Williamson mentions in her Priceless Pillow review that the pillow didn’t work for her. It feels wonderful to the touch with its bamboo fiber cover, but it was too spongy for her taste. If she lay on it in one position for a long time she would sink in too far, and then when she rolled over it was like having a mountain to put her head on.


Priceless Pillow Price
Priceless Pillow is priced at $80 and is available only at the official website:

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  1. Priceless Pillow | 27th February 2019 at 8:31 pm | Reply

    This website and it’s reviews are very concerning. These “so called reviews” are not actual customers of Priceless Pillow. And there no way that they would get the pillows any other way (we also drop ship for amazon customers). So the reviews are false and misleading.

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