Pillow Matters

The most effective type of pillow for you

We have all bought pillows at one point or another for sleeping restfully. But how often do you actually think about whether the pillow can have a positive impact on our comfort and overall health?

You know that using the wrong kind of pillow can lead to stiffness in the neck, back pain, lack of good sleep and overall tiredness. That’s why we believe it’s important to find out what scientists think is the right kind of pillow and how to spot it.

In the US, there have been several studies that have been conducted on different types of pillows. Many of these studies were conducted on small sample sizes, which is why they don’t apply for everyone. On the other hand, a specific study on side sleepers that was conducted in Australia found that foam contour pillows or feather pillows weren’t really useful. On the other hand, it was startling to find that rubber or latex pillows had several benefits when it came to alleviating neck pain.

According to another study, feather pillows don’t really perform well as far as temperature, comfort and spinal alignment is concerned. Those who conducted this study came to the conclusion that a roll-shaped orthopedic pillow offered best performance. In fact, it proved to be more beneficial than memory foam pillows, as per this study.

However one of the most poignant studies that was conducted tested three pillows based on their height. They were then evaluated on the basis of neck support they offered. Electromyography, a technique to measure the health of the muscles was used and it was found that the best pillow was one with the middle height of 3.9 inches.

Overall, according to these studies it is seen that rubber pillows are the best and those with orthopedic properties can keep your neck aligned in the best possible way while you sleep. But it’s also true that keeping your neck perfectly aligned with the spine might be a difficult ask from just one pillow.

There are different user surveys that offer varying results from each other, and also from the studies that have been conducted by scientists. If you want to buy the best pillow for your comfort and specific sleeping habits, then there are several other lists and recommendations that you can consider. But you can arrive at these conclusions when you are aware of your own sleeping patterns, and whether you wake up feeling stiffness and pain in the morning.

An author of one of the studies remarked, “Many users seem to make completely wrong choices with pillows that lead to low sleep quality, lack of comfort and annoying waking symptoms.” Hence if you wake up feeling tired and achy then it could well be because of bad pillows that might have to be replaced at the earliest. In any case, it is recommended that you change your pillows every two years. And when you go shopping, it’s important to make an informed choice.

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