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About MultiCore Pillow
MultiCore Pillow claims to be the perfect pillow for a restful sleep. It promises to cradle your head and neck with its exclusive support columns of varying density. Sounds too fanciful, MultiCore Pillow reviews will expose it soon. The MultiCore Pillow alleges that it is designed with 24 unique comfort foam cylinders of varying density, from standard to firm, to keep your head, neck and spine aligned perfectly to give you a full night’s sleep. Such fancy claims can be substantiated only once the product is reviewed.



MultiCore Pillow CLAIMS

The MultiCore Pillow further emphasizes that you can even reposition the columns to create your very own unique comfort zone. Use the softer cylinder in the center to cradle and cushion your head and use the stronger cylinders across the edges to support your neck and shoulders. As you move the cylinders raise and lower like springs giving you constant continuous support. Currently there are no MultiCore Pillow reviews to verify this claim.

It states that each cylinder is strategically positioned into molded memory foam ergonomically sculpted for custom comfort and support.

It also maintains that the pillow is designed with vents all over allowing the passage of air to keep you cool and comfortable. Does MultiCore Pillow really work as promised? Send us your MultiCore Pillow review.

The MultiCore Pillow guarantees to be superior to feathers and traditional foam pillows. This claim of the MultiCore Pillow will be attested only once users review the MultiCore Pillow.


Multi Core Pillow REVIEW

Maggie Butler, a Multi Core Pillow reviewer reveals that she found no comfort sleeping on it after 6 months of regular use. Her neck got stiff and the pillow went flat in this time period.

Another customer, Velma McBride, who reviewed Multi Core Pillow states that the pillow was too lumpy for her. She couldn’t find the comfort that she was seeking with the pillow. Plus, it seems that the quality of pillow doesn’t do justice to its high price. The pillow ended up giving her a still and painful neck.

One other Multi Core Pillow review by Pablo Green complains about similar issues. The pillow was too thick and stiff to provide any sort of comfort while sleeping. He was expecting more out of the pillow but was disappointed once he noticed that it sank after few minutes of use.

As per the review of Tom Bates, Multi Core Pillow is not helpful for people who are looking for an aid in snoring. Also, the pillow lacks the support strength as the head simply sinks into it. He further adds to his Multi Core Pillow review that there is no coolness attribute to the pillow and no heat or moisture wicking ability.

Leslie Duncan’s Multi Core Pillow review complains that the pillow isn’t supportive enough for side sleepers. The stuffing isn’t full and requires a lot of plumping up to even use it but doesn’t hold its loft for more than few minutes. The neck is unsupported and can cause severe neck pain.

A Multi Core Pillow review by Jonathan Moran reveals that the pillow was too thick and dense to provide any type of comfort. According to this review, anyone who is looking to sleep on the side and is bigger than normal size would require two Multi Core Pillows for proper height and comfort.

Jean Castro exposes Multi Core Pillow in her review as a flat pillow that does absolutely nothing to provide support to the head and neck area. Her Multi Core Pillow review also complains that the pillow had a weird smell to it and caused additional discomfort while sleeping.


Multi Core Pillow Questions/Answers

Q: What material is Multi Core Pillow made from?
A: It comprises of 56.4% Polyester and 0.6% Lycra (Spandex).

Q: What is the best way to fluff it again?
A: Put the pillow in the dryer for about 15 to 20 minutes to restore its full thickness.

Q: Does it have a smell?
A: Yes.

Q: What are the size dimensions of this pillow?
A: No specific information is available but it is tiny in size.

Q: Is Multi Core Pillow suitable for kids?
A: Considering its size, it seems to be only suitable for kids and not adults.

Q: Will it provide support to a heavy person?
A: No, it would go flat.


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