Miracle Bamboo Pillow vs My Pillow vs My Pillow Premium Review

Compare Features and Benefits: Miracle Bamboo Pillow vs My Pillow vs My Pillow Premium

Miracle Bamboo Pillow Features and Benefits
Miracle Bamboo pillow gives maximum comfort and support to the back region so that you get restful sleep at night. It works like a 3-in-1 pillow – it can be laid flat for standard medium pillow, turned on inside for fluffy support, folded in half for firm bolster support. The pillow has shredded memory foam filled pillow is soft yet supportive. Its custom cradle support gives your neck and spine the correct alignment. The temperature regulating feature keeps the pillow 44° cooler and it has breathable and moisture wicking fabric that prevents sweating and stays cool all night. Available in Queen and King sizes, it is hypoallergenic and resists molds, dust mites, allergens and it is also static resistant.

My Pillow Features and Benefits

My Pillow ensures fitful sleep throughout the night and prevents neck and shoulder pain on waking up in the morning. The pillow has patent pending medical fills that keeps the cervical nerves and the vertebrae in correct alignment so that you get longer REM sleep. The fill is created in a way to give you custom fit so that you get maximum comfort for a goodnight sleep and the ultimate support and to the neck and back region. It stays cool through the night with its built-in cooling effect so that you don’t lose sleep turning the pillow over to the cooler side. The pillow is also 100% non-allergenic and anti-microbial. It is available in Standard/Queen or King sizes.

My Pillow Premium Features and Benefits
My Pillow Premium supports the C-1 and C-2 vertebrae thereby supporting all the nerves in the arms, torso, and legs thus preventing problems caused by inadequate sleep like fatigue, migraines and snoring. The pillow comes in different color-coded fill-levels (yellow, white, blue and green) that are customized as per the size, sleeping pattern and health conditions so that you get the right support for proper sleep. While supporting the back region, the pillow makes sure that the nerves rest and rejuvenate so that you wake up in the morning feeling fresh. The pillow stays cool all night long. My Pillow Premium has a 2-in fabric gusset. It is non-allergenic, antimicrobial, and dust-mite resistant so you won’t ever suffer from allergies, which is a common problem caused by traditional pillows.


Compare Material: Miracle Bamboo Pillow vs My Pillow vs My Pillow Premium

Miracle Bamboo Pillow – The cover is made of bamboo fabric and contains bamboo viscose that’s softer than cotton.

My Pillow and My Pillow Premium – Cotton


Compare Where is it made? Miracle Bamboo Pillow vs My Pillow vs My Pillow Premium

Miracle Bamboo Pillow – USA

My Pillow – USA

My Pillow Premium – USA


Is it a bamboo pillow

Miracle Bamboo Pillow – Yes, its cover is made of bamboo fabric.


My Pillow and My Pillow Premium – No, they are made of cotton


Compare How to wash it? Miracle Bamboo Pillow vs My Pillow vs My Pillow Premium

Miracle Bamboo Pillow – The cover and pillow are washable in machine and would still stay in shape.

My Pillow and My Pillow Premium – The pillow and the cover are both machine washable and dryable


Is it noisy

Miracle Bamboo Pillow
No information


My Pillow
No information


My Pillow Premium
No information


Is it durable

Miracle Bamboo Pillow


My Pillow


My Pillow Premium
Yes, it doesn’t lose its shape for at least 10 years.


Compare Reviews, Pros and Cons: Miracle Bamboo Pillow vs My Pillow vs My Pillow Premium

Miracle Bamboo Pillow Reviews and Complaints

Miracle Bamboo Pillow supports the neck and back region while sleeping quite well. The pillow also promotes air flow to keep it cool through the night. But overall it makes for an average experience. The pillow is not as soft as it is claimed to be and though it is supposed to be made of shredded foam, it feels like solid foam. There is no travel bag that accompanies the pillow. In fact, it is not great for carrying on travels because it is too heavy. If the pillow molds to an odd shape, it turns hard as a rock.


My Pillow Reviews and Complaints

If My Pillow is washed in the machine with a damp cloth to activate the foam, it prevents soreness and provides sound sleep. It is ideal for back, stomach or side sleepers. But the foam also forms gaps and is mostly lumpy and feels uncomfortable to use. The pillow bunches up towards the headrest of the bed and fails to stay cool. On being used for a week, one may end up with a stiff neck.


My Pillow Premium Reviews and Complaints

My Pillow Premium is supportive and firm without being too hard. In spite of looking lumpy, it doesn’t feel so and conforms to the shape of the head well. The pillow makes very slight rustling noise unlike loud noises by many standard pillows. After a couple of months even if the pillow loses a bit of shape, tossing it in the washing machine and dryer makes it good as new. It emits a horrible smell like rubber that could wake you up in the night. It also retains water after it’s put in the washing machine and doesn’t dry easily.

31 Comments on "Miracle Bamboo Pillow vs My Pillow vs My Pillow Premium Review"

  1. I bought my pillow send it back I hated it. Bought Bamboo I love it. No more waking up all night.

  2. I bought the Miracle bamboo pillow and tried it for 3 days. I couldn’t stand it! It’s hard and too heavy. Very irritating.

  3. I’ve tried both brands of pillows. I also have a very painful spine disorder. Now, no laughing. . .I’m serious about this. ..I’ve found that a fresh roll of Paper Towels placed under my head or neck provide the most comfortable night of sleep. I use the roll until it starts to flatten – after maybe four nights -then I just replace with a fresh roll. A 12-pack of paper towels has provided many hours of relief for my disorder. . .and after, the flattened towel roll can still be used as intended. Try it!

  4. I bought 4 my pillows, 2 for me and my husband, and 2 for my parents. We all hate them! We don’t sleep well during the night and get up in the morning with stiff and sore necks. I wouldn’t recommend the my Pillow to anyone.

  5. I think My Pillow is noisier than the Bamboo Pillow.

  6. We were gifted two my pillows , we regifted them to our daughter, she liked them, we did not. We bought two bamboo pillows,then we bought four more that performed like the my pillow says theirs does but didn’t.. bamboo half the price and twice the quality

  7. I don’t sleep well no matter what kind of pillow i try. Japanese have put their head on a block of wood and have slept on a bamboo mat and are happy. Maybe try that.

    PS,sister-in-law bought MY Pillow,not impressed.

  8. I purchased this product for 6 months and believe it it a fantastic product, however very expensive. Could not tell that much difference in the way I felt for 134.00 … (3 months supply)

    Probably not buying again

  9. I have the Bamboo pillow & don’t like it. After a couple of months it flattened out & I have to flip it over several times a night. I’m losing sleep & wake up with terrible headaches & neck pain.

  10. Teressa M Frey | 12th January 2017 at 7:36 pm | Reply

    I got the Miracle Bamboo Pillow. I have neck and back problems, so I thought maybe this would relieve that a bit. It was by far the WORST nights sleep I’ve ever had. The “miracle” is that I don’t need neck surgery after sleeping on that pillow. I am a side sleeper. My neck was jacked up in an unnatural position. It was the night from hell! A waste of good money!

  11. Chrisrine Oliver | 5th January 2017 at 3:31 pm | Reply

    I have the bamboo pillow. They are fine. U can get them at Walmart so no reason to order and wait on them.

  12. The pillows ate faulty and full of sponge rubber. Nothing like a free pillow i was gifted. The next four pillows were faulty. A big suck to get you in. Ive packaged to return 8 months ago at their expense for postage, but they wont budge when it is their fault in the first place sending a faulty product. Im not paying 70 dollars to send back. They are a big company therefore they should do the right thing by their customers by paying for the postage. Now they have put me in a debt collectors hands to try get the money for the pillows. I dont want the pillows and i will not pay for a faulty product. Amen

  13. After doing research,I have found that the bamboo pillow was the BEST.

  14. Sharmae Curry | 19th April 2016 at 3:44 pm | Reply

    The my pillow sucks! I bought 2 and both exploded in the wash and I had to try to collect the pieces so that I could put it in a pillow case and sew it up. Waje up everyday feeling like i was punched in the neck and hit in the head with a hammer. Ridiculous customer service. They tell you to leave a message on a answer machine and they never get back to you. My pillows tore up within yr 1.and they didn’t honor the warranty so it’s a waste of money. I’m hoping the miracle bamboo pillow is better but I’m still waiting for it to come after 10wks. I’m so frustrated.

  15. Is the bamboo pillow the same as the my pillows

  16. I have had My Pillow for about five years and I love it. The best pillow I have ever had and it is very formable to whatever position I choose to sleep.

  17. I have had My Pillow for about five years and love it. Best pillow I have ever had.

  18. How to bring it back to life after several months of use. They suddenly turned hard.

    • just simply wash an dry. After drying, rotate pillow routinely an fluf to let air dry the remainder of the inside…its better for the pillow than doing two dry cycle in a row.

  19. My pillows have gotten hard after several months. What can I do to bring them back to life?

  20. My bamboo pillows were amaing for several months and all of a sudden they have turned hard as rock. What did I do wrong? Can I fix this?

  21. This site has been very helpful. My mother wanted the My Pillow (s) for her birthday, I was surprised they were a hundred bucks for two, and then I saw the bamboo commercial and decided to go with them for only $50 for two (this includes shipping). The reviews were favorable and so I googled which was actually better and from this site it seems they’re about the same but I saved $$!! Now I can use the shipping rebate and order myself a couple!!

  22. The My pillow is the Best

    • Really? For 100.usd? The bamboo is so soft my nephew has two for thirty USD. I have cotton pillows with super soft cases. Nothing touches the Bamboo material. Glad Bamboo did infomercial so I wouldn’t get robbed for × 3$. The cross on dudes neck. The merchant in the market Jesus rebuked. Greedy. Sad.

      • Amen Martha, I have the bamboo pillows, I love them. I have back problems, and I’ve had these pillows for a couple of months. You just shake the pillow and you have comfort every night without fail. I thank God I didn’t buy My pillow (trademark) the price of a restful night sleep is priceless

      • Bamboo is a knock off of my pillow. They are doing what Americans do so well, copying an marketing. You can’t save money for quality. You get what you pay for, it’s just a matter of time if an when the pillow start driving u crazy. Premium my pillow is the best pillow money can buy, in the great USA.

        • BOBBIE QUINN | 20th June 2016 at 5:42 am | Reply

          B QUINN

      • What a useless review… Quit making this about religion. Jesus also rebuked people who judge others intentions, saying “judge not that ye be not judged”, and also made mention that those who judge others are under worse condemnation than the offender. Wow, never thought I would have to defend a Christian over a damn pillow. All it sounds like is you have chip on your shoulder, and are easily offended if someone excercises their basic human rights of freedom of religion. For the love of whoever or whatever you believe in, if you bought it and don’t like it, use the “money back guarantee” and zip your mouth. Every persons body make up is different and reacts differently to different products, which is why there are alternatives for those of you who need something different. I bet for some it is the best, just like the bamboo will be best for some. And if you think I should mind my own business, I would be more than happy to, except you post it for the world to see which means you make it other people’s business. Next…

        • You have to make it other peoples business. That is what reviews are for, to help those to consider do I buy it or not.

          Cost money to insure and return items that are guaranteed if you are not satisfied. Sometimes almost as much as you paid for that item. You don’t see those companies offering to pay shipping and insurance with their money back guarantee. That is where they get you. Money is in their hands and you are stuck with a dissatisfied product and cost to send it back not worth it. A good Christian would not give the example you gave about judging and talk the way you do. That was a very poor example. There is a time to speak up and a time not to. Judgement and reviews (OPINIONS) are not the same. If we all felt like you we will have a lot more wealthy scam artist out there.

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