Miracle Bamboo Bra Review

About Miracle Bamboo Bra

Miracle Bamboo Bra proclaims to be the most comfortable bra ever that lifts, supports, and conforms to the shape. It assures to eliminate the problems of pain and discomfort caused by underwires, straps, and hooks that dig and bites into the skin. Miracle Bamboo Bra convinces that it doesn’t roll over and wraps around snugly preventing back bulges. Miracle Bamboo Bra emphasizes to wick moisture from the body and stay cool all day, has an easy front closure, and is machine washable.



How does it work

Regular bras bite into the skin and make you sweaty and stuffy but Miracle Bamboo Bra promises to be the most comfortable bra that causes no such problems. Miracle Bamboo Bra maintains that it is made of breathable and seamless comfy-stretch viscose from bamboo fabric. With this feature, Miracle Bamboo Bra declares to be as soft as cotton and as smooth as silk so that you stay cool and comfy all day long. Along with utmost comfort, Miracle Bamboo Bra also convinces to give you lift and support that regular bras cannot.


The most comfortable bra

The problem with most bras is they dig and bite into the skin making you very uncomfortable, they also roll over and your skin bulges making you adjust it time and again and are difficult to hook at the back. But Miracle Bamboo Bra claims to be the most comfortable bra that can tackle all these problems. It states to be made of comfy-stretch bamboo fabric that lets the skin breathe, is as soft as cotton and smooth as silk thus not only feeling most comfortable but also looking seamless. Miracle Bamboo Bra guarantees to give the best support, lift, and comfort in a bra and has an easy front closure so that it is also easy and quick to wear. Miracle Bamboo Bra proclaims to be available in your choice of white, black, and nude colors.

Stays cool and doesn’t dig into the skin

Miracle Bamboo Bra emphasizes that because of its breathable and natural bamboo properties it stays cool all day long and doesn’t cause sweating as it assures to wick away the moisture. You do not have to worry about painful underwires or straps with Miracle Bamboo Bra, as its manufacturers state. The embarrassment of adjusting your bra will also be a thing of past, Miracle Bamboo Bra proclaims. It declares to support, lift, and conform to the shape and is seamless enough to be invisible so there won’t be bulges or rollovers. Whether a tee shirt, dress or blouse, Miracle Bamboo Bra assures to give you a smooth look in any outfit and you will find the bra of your size according to your clothing size. The special bra alleges to be hypoallergenic and anti-microbial so you wouldn’t have to worry about rashes or allergies. Unlike padded bras or those with underwires that cannot be washed in washing machine, Miracle Bamboo Bra asserts to be machine washable without losing its shape or stretch.


What do I get?

You’ll receive 3 Miracle Bamboo Bra in Nude ,White and black for $19.99 plus $15.98 P&H.Official website miraclebamboobra.com

7 Comments on "Miracle Bamboo Bra Review"

  1. Be careful, the website charges you before you see the end result. Writing was very confusing on the order and they charged me 300. They won’t answer the phone.

  2. They are horrible. I wastedmy money.

  3. Deneen Philbeck | 14th June 2016 at 7:55 am | Reply

    Can anyone tell me these bra’s have latex or spandex in them ? I’m allergic to both of them and trying to find under clothes had been disapointing

    • it’s really hard to find the actual ingredients listed. it does look to me that listed on the bra is a small component of spandex. it’s really hard to read because it’s printed on the stretchy material. but if you have a bad allergy it would be better to avoid.

  4. Debra Crawford | 23rd March 2016 at 11:04 pm | Reply

    I wish it was a bit softer It would be the greatest. You sought make a king size. Please make some a little softer.

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