HyGenie Silver Ionic Pillowcase REVIEW | Silver Infused Pillowcase As Seen On TV

What is Hygenie Silver Ionic Pillowcase?

Hygenie Silver Ionic Pillowcase claims to kill 99.9% of germs and odor causing bacteria on contact. It also proclaims to prevent odor causing bacteria from reproducing and acts like a microbial barrier between people and surfaces.


How does Hygenie Silver Ionic Pillowcase work?

Hygenie Silver Ionic Pillowcases allege to be embedded with positively charged silver ions that kill 99.9%* of germs and odor causing bacteria on contact. These pillowcases convince to be made of a special molecular blend bonded into the fabrics during the dyeing process. This process infuses the fabrics with a unique silver ionic technology that stops odor causing bacteria from reproducing and acts like a barrier between people and surfaces. This claim seems to be too far-fetched and will be confirmed only after the Hygenie Silver Ionic Pillowcase is reviewed.


It asserts that wash after wash it will ensure you have a fresh clean and comfortable surface to lay your head on every night. Such fancy claims can be substantiated only once the Hygenie Silver Ionic Pillowcase is reviewed.


The Hygenie Silver Ionic Pillowcase further emphasizes that when using it, you will not transfer the daily germs and bacteria to your pillowcase. Does the Hygenie Silver Ionic Pillowcase really work as promised? Send us your Hygenie Silver Ionic Pillowcase review.


It states that when you use the Hygenie Pillowcase, it will stop the pillowcase odors and protect your face at night! At this point of time there are no Hygenie Silver Ionic Pillowcase reviews to verify this claim.


The Hygenie Silver Ionic Pillowcase maintains that it provides a critical barrier that has been proven to effectively kill germs and prevent the transfer of diseases thereby keeping you safe! This claim of the Hygenie Silver Ionic Pillowcase will be attested only once users review the Hygenie Silver Ionic Pillowcase.


Background of Silver usage in Skin Care

Every few years, an ingredient is introduced into skincare products that promise to be the “next big thing. First it was copper and gold, and now it appears to be silver. But it turns out that the use of silver in skincare is not a new concept. For centuries, silver has been used to heal wounds because of its powerful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Before the introduction of antibiotics, silver was used to treat antimicrobial conditions and during World War II bandages were soaked with colloidal silver to stimulate quicker healing. Silver was considered to be one of the most essential antimicrobial treatments and has been used around the world as an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory agent for centuries before the wide scaled introduction of antibiotics in the 1940s. The ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians also used silver to treat infections. Colloidal silver is microscopic pieces of silver dispersed and suspended in water. These pieces are so minute that they cannot be seen with the naked eye. Colloidal silver is known for its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, and acts by attaching itself to the proteins on the cellular wall of the bacteria, where they penetrate into the cell of the bacteria to disrupt the metabolic processes of the bacteria, leading to the death of the bacteria. Silver virtually suffocates the bacteria, helping to cut off its cellular respiration.


Disadvantages of HyGenie Silver Ionic Pillowcase

Everything is not shimmering and bright as it may seem when considering the use of silver. When silver is washed down the sink or put through the machine it generally does not pose any problem but when clothing with silver nano-particles is thrown away it pollutes the environment.


In 2016, scientists at the American Chemical Society published findings that revealed how silver particles in clothing leached into the surrounding area when disposed into landfill sites. They further demonstrated that very little silver was required in garments to produce an antimicrobial effect, and given that the toxicity was negligible when clothes were washed, it’s recommended that manufactures keep silver levels low, and that consumers don’t throw away their silver sportswear in particular. It is important to take note that if HyGenie’s “silver infused” pillowcase theory actually worked then why would all the leading brands not use it in their clothing.


Hygenie Silver Ionic Pillowcase REVIEW

Sarah Green who tried the Hygenie Silver Ionic Pillowcase writes in her Hygenie Silver Ionic Pillowcase review that after a week of use and then washing as directed, the pillowcase was scratchy and uncomfortable. It felt like it was scratching her skin so she discontinued using it. It also didn’t do anything to help improve her acne. She says that she usually doesn’t write bad or poor reviews, but she thinks that her experience is worth reporting.

She further mentions that it also slides off of a standard pillow, doesn’t fit a memory foam pillow, and feels like cheap polyester with a Hygenie tag sewn into to make the purchaser believe it is an “ionic silver embedded cotton blend. She is extremely disappointed with the Hygenie Silver Ionic Pillowcase.

She also adds that the Hygenie Silver Ionic Pillowcase burned and stung her face and felt like tiny prickly needles when she lay her cheek on it. Although she lay still and wasn’t moving around, and the fabric wasn’t rough she felt a heat sensation. The only thing she can think of is that there was some kind of chemical or conductive reaction. She tried to use the Hygenie Silver Ionic Pillowcase a couple of times but she could not lay her face on this pillow case. She is disappointed because she wanted to like it.

She says it simply didn’t work at all or at least had no noticeable effects. She further states that the Hygenie Silver Ionic Pillowcase gets so dirty. She had high hopes for this pillowcase but it just looked gross after a couple of washes and she didn’t notice a difference. She ended up having to throw it out because it was so pilled and looked ratty, and not soft to sleep on after a few washes. The Hygenie Silver Ionic Pillowcase was a total waste of money she says


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