Hydraluxe vs Novaform vs Technogel

Compare what is it? Hydraluxe vs Novaform vs Technogel

Hydraluxe – Memory foam pillow layered with Hydraluxe gel technology

Novaform – Core Comfort Memory Foam Pillow. A premium gel-memory foam pillow that’s curved for comfort

Technogel – Pillow with 3-dimensional flexibility that reacts to forces differently than the foam to provide utmost comfort


Compare how does it work? Hydraluxe vs Novaform vs Technogel

Hydraluxe – A balance is created by the bonding of Hydraluxe gel and premium memory foam. Its Hydraluxe Cooling Pillow feature prevents pillow flipping and enhances circulation.

Novaform Core Comfort Memory Foam Pillow -It has an arch curved design that takes to the shape of your shoulders precisely and provides support accordingly. Its superior quality memory foam also relieves you of pain at pressure points and curbs tossing and turning that disturb sleep.

Technogel – It features a thick layer of patented gel as it’s made of superior quality material that relieves you of pressure and pain. It also improves blood circulation and replenishes your skin with oxygen.


Compare what to expect? Hydraluxe vs Novaform vs Technogel

Hydraluxe – Its advanced gel technology promises utmost comfort and sleep as it’s made of exceptionally soft, luxury material and fabrics. Shopping for it is also a hassle-free experience.

Novaform – Provides maximum comfort for all sleep positions, whether side, back or over stomach.

Technogel – Its high thermal conductivity effectively lowers the contact surface’s temperature by up to 3.5° F. It is because heat generated by the body is transported through its mass and partially dispersed.


Compare Material: Hydraluxe vs Novaform vs Technogel

Hydraluxe – Gel and memory foam

Novaform – Memory foam

Technogel – 3-dimensional gel layer


Compare Cleaning: Hydraluxe vs Novaform vs Technogel

Hydraluxe – Outside cover of the pillow can be washed in machine with cold water and kept in air to dry. Spot washing is recommended for the pillow with soap and warm water.

Novaform – Zip off the cover and wash only the cover and not the pillow.

Technogel – It has water resistant core for easy cleaning and its summer and winter covers are hypo-allergenic and washable. Using a pillowcase on the pillow is recommended. All Technogel Sleeping pillows come with a soft, “winter cover” that can be removed to experience the effect of gel or to wash it regularly. The “winter cover” can be washed in washing machine in cool water and then kept for line dry is recommended. (The cover tag bears the necessary instructions).
The internal jersey cover should not be removed tampering with the inner cover will void its warranty.


Does it smell? Hydraluxe vs Novaform vs Technogel

Hydraluxe – Negligible traces of fumes (non-toxic and harmless) due to quick packaging may be there. Removing the cover and laundering will eliminate odor completely.

Novaform – No, it doesn’t.

Technogel – As the only gel made without plasticizer oils in the market, Technogel is non-toxic, hypo-allergenic and odorless. Only the foam may release a mild smell that can be removed by leaving it uncovered in a well-ventilated room for up to 48 hours.


Does it stay cool? Hydraluxe vs Novaform vs Technogel

Hydraluxe – Sleeping with Hydraluxe’s gel side facing upwards is guaranteed to stay 5.5 times cooler than other pillows. It may get warm by body temperature but that will be after hours. Using the complimentary outside cover or a thin pillowcase replacement is recommended.

Novaform – Improved air circulation creates optimal sleep temperature.

Technogel – Its superior thermal conductivity supports heat dispersion. It lowers skin temperature by as much as 4°F and makes you feel cool and sleep better, thanks to the gel material’s intrinsic thermal conductivity. It is also dependent upon the temperature of your surroundings and individual body heat level. To adjust the cooling effect of the gel, you could use the “winter” cover provided with the pillow, using breathable (wool) blankets, and adjusting the temperature of the room.


Compare Dimensions: Hydraluxe vs Novaform vs Technogel

Hydraluxe – Standard: 16 x 24 x 6 inches

Novaform – 23 x 15.7 x 5.2 inches

Technogel – 32.5 x 5.5 x 16 inches


Compare Warranty: Hydraluxe vs Novaform vs Technogel

Hydraluxe – 5-year warranty

Novaform – 5-year warranty

Technogel – Automatically activated limited warranties extendable at no additional cost by registering on website till 3 months.


Compare Price: Hydraluxe vs Novaform vs Technogel

Hydraluxe – Queen size: $29.99+ Shipping & Handling: $9.99
Standard size: $24.99+ Shipping & Handling: $9.99*

Novaform – $84.99 (With free shipping)

Technogel – $135


Where is it made? Hydraluxe vs Novaform vs Technogel

Hydraluxe – Made in the USA (Cover imported from China)

Novaform – Made in the USA

Technogel – Made in Italy


Compare Reviews: Hydraluxe vs Novaform vs Technogel

Hydraluxe REVIEW

Phill Langer who used the Hydraluxe pillow complains in his review – “This pillow is far too uncomfortable. It’s so hard and thick I just couldn’t use it. I have a habit of sleeping on my side but since it’s so thick, I’m afraid my neck will be sprained. Its cooling pad works only for about a couple of weeks and then conks off. Within a couple of months it started giving me and my wife severe neck pain. We’ve started using our old pillows again, which seem so much better now.”

Tony Grimsley cautions in his review – “Please DON’T buy Hydraluxe. I’m saying this on this platform so that others don’t get fleeced of money like we did. The pillow is heavy and doesn’t stay cool as the advertisements claim. I kept flipping the pillow several times through the night. I think the gel is deposited only atone side of the pillow and so turns hot soon.. If heat bothers you too much, then don’t purchase this pillow.”

Rick Shaw reveals in his Hydraluxe review – “The literature enclosed with Hydraluxe pillow instructs you to air it for 72 hours before using it to eliminate the manufactured foam smell. When I removed the mesh cover to air the pillow easily, I was shocked to see that the permanent mesh cover was torn in two places. What’s more, the actual pillow was spilling out at the seams. And to think it was a new pillow… That was like the last straw… I complained to the manufacturers about the defective pillow but haven’t got any response yet. I have decided to return this pillow right away. Now I ‘ll have to carry this inferior quality pillow at my expense to dump at their outlet myself.”

Patricia Wilson complains in her review – “The pillow should have been smaller and thinner. Rather, it’s heavy and doesn’t fit snugly around your head or neck as claimed by the advertisements. This pillow raises my head too high when I lie on my side while using it. My neck and even head started aching within two hours. I would like to go for a simple pillow that’s smaller and doesn’t contain chemical substances.”

Tianna Bradway in her review mentions – “This obnoxiously big pillow doesn’t fit any of the pillow cases I have. Total waste of money.”


Novaform Core Comfort Memory Foam Pillow REVIEW

Jennifer Stockwell states in her review – “I got severe hives all over my body ‘thanks’ to this ‘amazing’ wonder called the Novaform Core Comfort Memory Foam Pillow. I suspect it’s the chemical filled in it. I think the chemicals are so pungent that even sleeping on the same bed without this pillow didn’t help. We had to wash all the bedding to get rid of the problem.”

Lisa Baron reveals in her Novaform review – “The pillow just doesn’t have the curve cut as shown in the images. I even started experiencing neck and shoulder pain along with headache. A relative who also bought a Novaform Core Comfort Memory Foam Pillow also complained about neck pain too. Unbelievable, but true. And I think the foam is not of good quality. It doesn’t conform to the shape of your head and surrounding areas, as its makers proclaim in the ads.”

Eddie Hobbs mentions in his review – “Thankfully, I’m a light sleeper, and wake up rather easily. That helped me adjust to the discomfort that the pillow would build up. I can’t imagine what would’ve happened if I were a heavy sleeper.”

David Larson claims in his Novaform review – “As for its smell, it went after two days of airing it. And it is mainly made of foam (polyurethane?) so it does absorb some heat. If a pillow could stay cool always, it would’ve been so nice!”

Michael Tallman reveals in his review – “This pillow isn’t good for people who sleep at sides. I do, and so the loss has been mine. I’d like to warn all the potential customers to stay away from this product.”

I wish it wasn’t so expensive. Especially because it isn’t doing what it should.


Technogel REVIEW

Thomas Giles states in his Technogel review – “I was comfortable and really happy with Technogel, but things started changing in a month. After spending an astronomical $170 to buy a pillow, the last that I expected was that it would start giving problem so early. Imagine my shock when the edges of the pillow completely went for a toss within a month, stopping providing me the necessary support I need for my neck. I’ve started experiencing a lot of pain in the neck now. Its over-hyped ‘cooling gel’ doesn’t work. And it’s also too big in width.”

Marshall Harwood reveals in his Technogel REVIEW – “The pillow stays cool for only about two hours. After that, it gets hot. Doesn’t have very good support at all for side sleepers. Pillow was very hard and heavy. Not for someone who likes to sleep with their arm under their head. The gel warmed up shortly after laying your head on it.”

Elizabeth Dickson complains in her review – “The very purpose of buying Technogel pillow has not been satisfied. It’s also expensive and poor at providing support to the neck. If you sleep at sides more, I’d recommend you stay away from this pillow completely. I’m so disappointed with it and feeling cheated. After spending so much over it, one can expect good quality and durability. But it has been a major let down on nearly all fronts. Regular foam/feathered pillows may be better than this pillow, I guess.”

Alicia Bernard claims in her review – “The texture of the gel squares through the pillowcase does feel good. But without the snug cover, the pillow seems to lose its sturdiness. Since it wasn’t up to the mark, I put it back in the cover and have left it at that. I don’t know what else I can do.”

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