Hotel Comfort Bamboo Pillow & MyPillow

Compare Filling? Hotel Comfort Bamboo Pillow & MyPillow

Hotel Comfort Bamboo Pillow – It has gel micro cushions and shredded memory foam although there’s no memory foam smell.

MyPillow – It contains patented interlocking 3 piece Polly Fill, which adjusts to the curvature of your neck giving it, your head and shoulders adequate support. It helps you go into REM faster and get more restful sleep. It is made using shredded memory foam, latex foam and in firmer options, denser latex foam. Made in the US it also creates a natural cooling effect.


Compare Cover? Hotel Comfort Bamboo Pillow & MyPillow

Hotel Comfort Bamboo Pillow – It has eco-friendly bamboo zipper cover made of soft bamboo rayon fabric that lasts after several washes.

MyPillow – Viscose Rayon cover obtained from bamboo.


Is It Breathable? Hotel Comfort Bamboo Pillow & MyPillow

Hotel Comfort Bamboo Pillow – Since it’s made out of shredded memory foam and has bamboo cover, it is breathable and stays cool.

MyPillow – The foam and air spaces between each piece ensure that it is breathable, stays cool and firm even though it’s quite soft.

However it’s possible that it gives out a chlorine smell when you first buy it. The smell gets worse with washing but you put up with it because the pillow is comfortable. In case you are someone who just can’t deal with the smell then the pillow will be completely useless for you. It could also lead to breathing issues that are not sorted out after medication or trips to doctors. But as soon as you stop using the pillows these troubles stop too. You can wash the pillows and dry them several times over but unfortunately the smell persists. Calling the customer service is pointless especially if you are over the 60 day period. They will want nothing to do with it. While there is no solid proof that this pillow causes breathing problems, the fact that the issues stop when you don’t use MyPillow is an indication enough.


Does it go flat? Hotel Comfort Bamboo Pillow & MyPillow

Hotel Comfort Bamboo Pillow – Having bought three of these pillows, one can say that the two of them, which are used more frequently go flatter faster than the other. The fact is that these pillows are made using shredded pieces and that’s a problem right there. Shredded pieces don’t form one unit and for that you need solid memory foam. All shredded memory foam pillows flatten and you need to fluff them at the onset.

MyPillow – You notice that it is under stuffed, which is why it goes flat instantly and the insides shift too much. You also find that it’s filled with some cheap sponge and not really memory foam. Since the foam is in the form of big chunks, it separates when you place your head on it. Another annoying issue with this pillow is that there is no filling in the corners, which doesn’t let you rest well.


Compare Price? Hotel Comfort Bamboo Pillow & MyPillow

Hotel Comfort Bamboo Pillow – You can buy this pillow for $32.11 and make the most out of free shipping option.

MyPillow – This pillow is available for $99.97.

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