Coop Home Goods vs Snuggle Pedic vs My Pillow

What is the filling-material inside? Coop Home Goods vs Snuggle Pedic vs My Pillow

Coop Home Goods – It is a highly comfortable pillow filled with shredded memory foam. The foam is independently tested, analyzed and accredited by testing laboratories to guarantee high standard of manufacturing. Coop Home Goods pillows also meet the standards set by CeriPUR-US that acknowledges content, emissions and durability. For consumer safety the manufacturers ensure that the pillow is made without ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP, TCEP flame retardants, mercury, lead and heavy metals, formaldehyde, phthalates regulated by the CPSC, or CFCs.

Snuggle Pedic
The pillow is created using 43% Viscose of Bamboo, 56.4% Polyester and on.6% Lycra. This unique combination makes it perfect for providing amazing comfort and keeps the users cool entire night. The foam in Snuggle Pedic is a Biogreen product and CertiPUR-US certified to promote high standards. It does not include any ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead and other heavy metals, formaldehyde and phthalates. It has a low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million) and is regulated by Consumer Product Safety Commission.

My Pillow – The pillow has patented interlocking 3-piece Polly Fill that is designed to adjust the unique curvature for custom fit of consumers. The unique fill stabilizes the head, shoulders and neck and provides elongated peaceful sleep and puts consumers in REM sleep faster. My Pillow has a natural cooling effect due to use of shredded memory foam and latex foam. It is 100% made in USA.


What is the cover is made of? Coop Home Goods vs Snuggle Pedic vs My Pillow

Coop Home Goods – It has bamboo fabric along with memory foam that keeps the cover and pillow hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. There is polyester mix with 40% bamboo in the cover making it environment-friendly fabric that is soft and comfortable. Lycra, bamboo and polyester used in Coop Home Goods cover make the best bedding fabrics and lasts for a long time. It feels like silk or satin and is washable for ease of cleaning. Bamboo also is highly eco-friendly and is a natural and renewable resource. Its threads are long and smooth to avoid bunching, pilling or breaking which is found in cotton material. Also the cover has anti-microbial properties to safeguard users against bacteria, mold and mildew. Cool Home Goods cover also works great for people with allergies as it breathes naturally and resists moisture buildup. The airflow also ensures that it stays cool during the night. Plus it comes with farm raised bamboo that have no chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides used to grow.

Snuggle Pedic – The pillow comes with a non-removable Ultra-Luxurious Kool-Flow Micro-Vented Bamboo Coer. It is a Snuggle Pedic proprietary blend of bamboo, polyester and Lycra that provides comfort and works best with the pillow. The design of the cover fabric includes micro-vents that lets air circulate to avoid body heat build-up. The bamboo material also has moisture-wicking capability to absorb sweat and heat to resist bacteria build-up. Snuggle Pedic has eco-friendly bamboo material that is comfortable to use with high thread count sheet that is used in best hotels. It provides enjoyable sleep, soft feeling and lasts for a long time.

My Pillow – My Pillow consists of Viscose Rayon Cover that utilizes bamboo threads. It offers comfort, moisture-wicking and also resistance towards mold, mildew and bacterial growth.


Is it machine washable? Coop Home Goods vs Snuggle Pedic vs My Pillow

Coop Home Goods – It is machine washable with cold water but should not be bleached. Also it should be dried in the sun for 8-10 hours after it or using a low tumble dry.

Snuggle Pedic – It is machine washable but is recommended to use cold water. The washing machine should be well balanced. Once done the pillow can be squeezed to drain excess water and dried. Snuggle Pedic can also be used in drier but should be done at low heat. Tuble drying in low takes about 2 to 2 ½ hours to make revitalize the pillow.

My Pillow – It is completely machine washable. For top loading machines balance should be maintained while in front load it can be washed with full load of laundry. For drying tumble dry with high heat helps and can be put in for extra spin cycles to reduce drying time of My Pillow.


Does it stay cool? Coop Home Goods vs Snuggle Pedic vs My Pillow

Coop Home Goods – The use of proprietary ultra-soft bamboo polyester blend fabric helps in regulating temperature and keeps cool during nights. The addition of shredded memory foam lets more air circulation.

Snuggle Pedic – It has a vented cover with bamboo outer fabric and shredded memory foam to help in pillow ventilation. It keeps cool all night long and has breathability in the fabric due to the oft and fluffy interlocking foam pieces.

My Pillow – The pillow consists of cooling technology with shredded memory foam that keeps it cool even during hot nights. The built-in cooling effect helps in maintaining the temperature for a refreshing and energizing sleep.


Does it smell? Coop Home Goods vs Snuggle Pedic vs My Pillow

Coop Home Goods – It does have a smell because of the use of memory foam in the initial period which can be mild to nauseating depending on each person. It’s suggested to wash the pillow to help with the smell and will go away with few uses. The vacuum seal which holds the pillow can expose unbearable smell when opened for the first time.

Snuggle Pedic – The Snuggle Pedic has a slight bamboo smell to it which can go away with time or can be simply washed once before use.

My Pillow – There’s a strong chemical smell to it which is difficult to get rid of even after washing. Also washing and drying as per the instructions still renders it as a useless lump without getting the chemical smell out.


Does it make noise? Coop Home Goods vs Snuggle Pedic vs My Pillow

Coop Home Goods – The mattress pad of Coop Home Goods pillow is noiseless and has no plastic sounds to give a good night’s rest. Although the variable blend of foam and fabric does create some noise.

Snuggle Pedic – A very few customers have reported Snuggle Pedic noise issue.

My Pillow – It keeps making some noise or the other while sleeping on it. The pillow is loud and makes sleeping difficult for light sleeper and side sleepers who keep their ear on the pillow.


Does it help with snoring? Coop Home Goods vs Snuggle Pedic vs My Pillow

Coop Home Goods – The pillow is comfortable to use and provides full comfort to the head, neck and back. But there is no substantial proof that it helps in relieving snoring.

Snuggle Pedic – It helps in relieving snoring.

My Pillow – It is reviewed to be not helpful at all and is poorly aligned for few users which can increase their snoring instead of relieving it.


Does it go flat? Coop Home Goods vs Snuggle Pedic vs My Pillow

Coop Home Goods – The pillow is designed in such a way that even after extensive use it does not go flat. The fluffiness is maintained by the cushion. To fluff it back in shape one can simply put it in the dryer and follow the instructions. Or simply fluff Coop Home Goods pillow a little while making the bed in the morning. Also noticeable lumps do not cause any issues and can compress while sleeping on and goes away with fluffing.

Snuggle Pedic – The use of memory foam pillow in shredded foam ensures that it never goes flat even after elongated usage.

My Pillow – It has very little stuffing, which makes it go flat right away and the insides keep shifting around. The inside also feels like cheap sponge instead of firm memory foam. And the large chunks used in it starts to separate due to poor filling once the head rests on it and lacks any filling in the corners.


Does it get lumpy? Coop Home Goods vs Snuggle Pedic vs My Pillow

Coop Home Goods – It consists of small shredded pieces of memory foam which are used for providing optimum comfort in the pillow. Due to use of these pieces it may feel a little lumpy on touch but does not affect its performance. It does get lumpy after few uses but can be fluffed to bring it back in shape quickly.

Snuggle Pedic – The pillow becomes lumpy and uncomfortable too quickly. After several use, Snuggle Pedic starts to lose shape. And trying to revamp its structure with washing and drying as per the manufacturer’s instructions does not help. It can be useful and as a result force purchasing of new pillows too often.

My Pillow – The My Pillow is pretty lumpy due to irregularly shaped chunks used for its filling. The problem is not just the feel but also the actual comfort gets hampered. The lumpiness can be seen through the pillow case and can be felt while resting the head on the pillow.


Pros And Cons? Coop Home Goods vs Snuggle Pedic vs My Pillow

Coop Home Goods Pros – The pillow is very comfortable and users can get used to it very easily. Review wise the Coop Home Goods pillow is rated very highly by current and past customers. Another benefit of the pillow is that it comes with a quality backed by a reputable manufacturer who have created and certified the pillow in USA. It uses natural bamboo in its composition to ensure ultimate comfort, help sleep better and is completely dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic. It is machine washable and has high grade of customization for use by anyone.

Coop Home Goods Cons – The material used in the pillow might be inflammable so it is not a good pillow to be used around the chimney. There is a pungent smell of new foam when it arrives, which is normal and goes away in a day or two after using.

Snuggle Pedic Pros – It has a highly customizable and soft filling that doesn’t take a long time to get used to. It has full cervical support design that helps in reducing snoring, increase blood circulation and is breathable to keep cool all night long. It offers a good night’s sleep in any position and is antibacterial, hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. It looks like a regular pillow with size that can accommodate everyone. Snuggle Pedic is highly durable and is rated highly by consumers even for use while performing yoga.

Snuggle Pedic Cons – It may take a day or two to adjust with the smell and its warmth while using it for the first time.

My Pillow Cons – The pillow comes with lots of complaints regarding its price, which is too much to ask for because of its quality. One can get a bargain price by availing discounts and promo codes at different sites. The manufacturers do offer discounts and offers on a regular basis on their website. My Pillow feels generally cheap in build and has the maximum consumer complaints and issues. The consumer return policy is good but even after an entire refund the shipping charges are to be borne by the user. The interlocking fill claims of My Pillow are not true as it feels lumpy and more like cube-size pieces of rubber. Plus it tends to have a bit of plastic odor when it arrives which can go off after few uses and a wash.

3 Comments on "Coop Home Goods vs Snuggle Pedic vs My Pillow"

  1. I bought both the coop and snuggle pedic because I couldn’t decide which was better. They were priced about the same as well. I haven’t spent much time with them but here’s my early take on them.

    The coop arrived first and comes with additional shredded foam if needed. I added the extra foam as the pillow was slightly underfilled. The snuggle pedic arrived the next day and is as about as lofty as the coop (after the added foam).
    One thing to note: Snuggle Pedic now makes their pillows with a removable case and a zipper on the pillow so you can remove or add foam, so you no longer have to send it back to adjust.

    The fill in the coop pillow is very fine and soft and high quality. The fill in the snuggle pedic is not quite as soft and has different types of memory foam, including green pieces that are what gives a cooling effect. It appears to be of good quality but it’s overall firmer than the coop.

    The snuggle pedic is definitely cooler than the coop, though the coop has a green memory foam version that is cooling for an extra $10 or so.

    The case of the coop is softer and more plush feeling than the snuggle pedic. They both supply plenty of support and can be adjusted to your needs.

    If you was a more plush and soft pillow with good support get the coop home.

    If you need a little extra support and enjoy that cooling effect then you’ll love the snuggle pedic.

    Both are great pillows but for my needs and preferences, the edge goes to Coop Home.

  2. very good article! been looking for a good pillow, this narrows it down!

  3. John Erickson | 4th April 2017 at 4:19 pm | Reply

    We have had the My Pillow Medium for six months. There is no smell to the pillows. They still do keep their shape all night even after washing and drying them once. Being a side sleeper and having c5 threw t1 fused with permeant nerve damage it is critical to have my head and neck properly supported. The My Pillow has done exactly that.

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