Contour Total Comfort Arch Pillow Review

About Contour Total Comfort Arch Pillow

Does your body ache when you wake up? Slept on the wrong side of the bed last night? Well Contour Total Comfort Pillow is the ergonomic cushion that soothes and supports the hips, knee joints, back and the neck. This multi – faceted flexing arch supports the head or the shoulders while the cut out helps ease the tension around the neck area. Created with a superior memory foam it is created for the sole purpose of making you feel a whole lot better. With a special sloped design it is very helpful to CPAP users for the perfect night’s sleep.

Contour Total Comfort Arch Pillow Review

What does Contour Total Comfort Arch Pillow do?

Good posture can make a whole lot of difference. The Contour Total comfort pillow is ergonomically designed for cervical neck support on chairs or it can be placed under the knees to ease lower back tension, arms can be slid under the arch to help reduce the numbness from side sleeping. The contour pillow can be turned over to make the most of the inner arch for a comfortable cradle for the head while laying on the back to sleep or the pillow can be used as a prop for the feet to soothe swollen ankles.

Contour Total Comfort Arch Pillow Review

What makes Contour Total Comfort Arch Pillow Special?

A pillow is a pillow and will definitely make someone feel better no matter how it is placed especially if one is made with a special memory foam. That being said, sleeping with Contour total comfort pillow helps relieve shoulder strain and pressure around the neck area with support. Some people asked if it can be used while sitting on a chair and the answer is Yes! The pillow does help in providing back and cervical neck support while one is sitting up.


Contour refers to a particular mold into a specific shape, especially one designed to fit into something else. This pillow is not like all other ones that are probably seen at home. While this pillow too like others gives comfort, it does so in a different way. It is custom designed in order to meet the needs of those in exceptional discomfort due to irregular sleeping habits or similar related issues.

About “Total Comfort”

The manufacturer has smartly named the pillow – “Contour Total Comfort Arch Pillow” because it supposedly offers multiple comfort and sleep solutions. As per the manufacturer review, the Contour Total Comfort Arch Pillow can be used as a neck pillow for side sleepers, back pillow as a chair cushion, under you knees, between your legs and as a head rest. They claim that the pillow can be used in any sleeping position and hence the name “Total Comfort”. But user reviews have completely busted these claims.

Contour Total Comfort Arch Pillow Review

With high number of complaints and bad reviews this product failed to impress many who fell for the oldest trick in the book which was making an advertisement on As seen on Tv. An unhappy Isabella said that unlike what was shown on the tv, there was a super heavy and hard metal underneath the surface and it was impossible for one to use this product. She complained that the moment she rested her head on the product she could feel a hard, discomforting hard metal bracket pushing against the head. In fact the pillow was so bad that if one dropped it by mistake they would seriously injure themselves.

No Comfort

Almost 80% of the Contour Total Comfort Arch Pillow reviews mention that it is NOT COMFORTABLE. The promoters of the Contour Total Comfort Arch Pillow have tried to make it a TOTAL COMFORT PILLOW but have failed miserably. This total comfort arched pillow is “jack of all trades and master of the none”. That is why it is neither a good neck pillow, nor a comfortable back cushion, and offers no additional value as a leg/lap pillow.

Un-Comfortable for Back Sleepers

“Back sleepers are supposed to sleep in the arch (inverted) of the Contour Total Comfort Arch Pillow and expect comfort. How on the earth is it going to work?” – says one reviewer. The width of the arched pillow is small and there is no lift to the head offered in that position (inverted arch) rendering it completely useless for back-sleepers.

Not Durable

All arched pillows have a curved plastic material inside. Many reviewers complain in the comments that this curved plastic which gives the pillow the curved shape, snaps if you put pressure on it.

Hard Bracket

There are plenty of reviews that reveal that the Contour Total Comfort Arch Pillow has a hard bracket (probably plastic) that is so uncomfortable no matter which position you sleep in.

It is TOO Small

Another unhappy user Hannon, reviewed this product as a pillow for those with tiny heads and small arms and that it was smaller than a throw pillow. The pillow is small compared to the normal pillows and you head slides down even if you move an inch. It was so small that there was barely any space to maneuver the head for better comfort and the room for the arm was only good enough if one had never worked out in their lives. An amazon customer complained that the buckle was too loose around the neck and one would have to go through the trouble of leaning against surfaces just to get the job done.

Contour Total Comfort Arch Pillow Cost

The Contour Total Comfort Arch Pillow is prices at $19.99 and is available at the official website This is lower than most of the arched pillows available at The shipping is also free, that sound good. BUT, if you choose to return the product that will cost you $9.99. They don’t tell you this.

Not Good as a Neck Pillow

Many similar complaints from customers surfaced in their reviews stating that the neck pillow could not support people with slim necks, it was too fragile as far as the internal plastic was concerned and would break on minimal pressure or it had poor packaging which really affected the overall feel of the Contour Total Comfort Arch Pillow. Somebody even said that it broke in the first hour of use. These reviews render this pillow as one which is not worth investing any energy in since it was not what the makers claimed it was.

Our Verdict

Based on the reviews There is nothing special about the Contour Total Comfort Arch Pillow. This arch pillow is not something new, there are several such arched pillows available out there in the market. But they are stuck in an “identity crisis” – their roles are not well-defined. The reviews for these arched pillows are mostly negative since not many people find them useful.

We do not recommend the “Contour Total Comfort Arch Pillow”. It does not do what it claims to do and besides there are better tried and tested arched pillows available out there in the market to choose from.

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