Contour Carbon Ice Pillow Review | Review

What does Contour Carbon Ice Pillow do?

The unique feature that sets Contour Carbon Ice Pillow apart from the ordinary pillows is its “cooling effect”. The Carbon Ice Pillow claims to feature 7-in-1 technology.

Contour Carbon Ice Pillow Review | Review

Let us analyze the seven features of the Contour Carbon Ice Pillow:

  • Carbon Bamboo Charcoal – The pillow features Carbon Bamboo Charcoal material that absorbs moisture. The Bamboo Charcoal is a porous material and helps regulate temperature. Bamboo Charcoal has a long list of benefits, the best being its ability to absorb moisture and heat.
  • Active Air Cells for enhanced breathability and air flow. Ordinary pillows retain heat while the various features of the Contour Carbon Ice Pillow dissipate the heat before it heats up the pillow surface. The pillow features three different types of air cells:
    • Small Air Vents – To maintain the structure and density of the pillow. These air vents are on the outer region of the pillow surface.
    • Medium Air Vents – These vents between the large and small vents, positioned around the head. They maintain optimal air flow throughout the pillow.
    • Large Air Vents – These are positioned right below the head where the temperature is highest.
  • Cooling Gel makes the pillow cool to the touch. The Cooling Gel further regulates temperature and prevents the build up of heat on the surface of the pillow. The Contour Carbon Bamboo Charcoal pillow features a laminated layer of the cooling gel.
  • Memory Foam – Easy to maintain, Hypoallergenic material, Provides contouring support, holds the neck and spine in place and durable. The Contour Carbon Ice Pillow’s Bamboo Charcoal Memo Density Foam claims to provide better support than ordinary memory foam pillows. It also helps spinal alignment and claims to relieve pressure points. The special Memory Foam features micro-encapsulated fibers that makes the Carbon Ice Pillow re-bounce slowly.
  • Inner Cover – For added comfort and protection.
  • Carbon Ice Cover
  • – For additional cooling. Graphene Cover for protection against dust & dirt protection. Graphene is known to be the thinnest and yet the strongest material. It is a good conductor of heat and when used with the Carbon Ice Pillow it draws the heat away from the body, helping your body and the pillow to cool down.



Contour Carbon Ice 7-in-1 Pillow


Firm and Soft Pillow

The other unique feature of the Carbon Ice Pillow is dual surfaces. One side features black surface which is firm while the other blue side is soft. This is the biggest advantage of the Contour Carbon Ice Pillow. A pillows firmness [or softness] is something that not all people will agree upon, i.e. to say not all people would agree whether a particular pillow is soft or firm. some people find a pillow to be firm while others would find the same to be soft.

With the Contour Carbon Ice Pillow’s dual sides all gotta agree that the pillow is firm and soft at the same time, thanks to the different surfaces. But off-course this is in theory, as we analyze the review below you will realize the issues with the Contour Carbon Ice Pillow.


Contour Carbon Ice Pillow Active Air Technology


Contour Carbon Ice Pillow Pricing

The Contour Carbon Ice Pillow costs $39.99 + Free Shipping. The Carbon Ice Pillow is available ONLY at the official website Before you make a purchase call the distributor [Tristar Products INC] and ask the about the shipping you would have to pay if you decided to return the Carbon Ice Pillow.

Who is the Manufacturer and When is the Pillow Made? is the manufacturer of the Contour Carbon Ice Pillow and the “As Seen On TV” company, Tristar Products INC is the official distributor. The website is owned by Tristar. The Contour Carbon Ice Pillow is “Made in CHINA”.

Price Comparison



Contour Carbon Ice Pillow Review

The Contour Carbon Ice Pillow tries to strike the balance between the breathability and the firmness but based on the reviews it seems they haven’t cracked it.

Memory Foam vs HEAT

To understand the crux of the problem you need to know that Memory Foam pillows [like the] are inherently non-breathable. The more firm you make them, the less breathable they become. This is because there are far fewer vents for the air to circulate. Now if you reverse the features and try to make the memory foam more porous, the pillow becomes soft as there is too much air inside the vents.

So it is difficult to have a Pillow that is firm and yet breathable. The makers [] of Contour Carbon Ice Pillow have tried to make that “One pillow for All”, but have not succeeded. You just have a pillow that is right for everybody. Users continue to to make remarks like “too firm” or “too hard” even with the Contour Ice Pillow. There is no such thing as “medium-firm” or “medium-soft”.

Not Worth the Price

Then there are reviews that claim that a $10 pillow provides the same support as the $40 Contour Carbon Ice Pillow, if not better.

One reviewer who have tried the Contour Carbon Ice Pillow says that he is now convinced that there is no such thing as a COOL MEMORY FOAM PILLOW.

Strong Chemical Odor

All Memory Foam products have a strong chemical odor. And Contour Carbon Ice Pillow is no exception. This is because the memory foam is manufactured using a chemical compound called polyurethane. The odor is similar to what you experience in a freshly painted room, some people may find the odor to strong and can be overwhelming. The odor eventually fades away but it may take weeks. Letting the Contour Carbon Ice Pillow “air out” for a few hours daily would help get rid of the odor faster.


Our Verdict on Contour Carbon Ice Pillow

We do not recommend the Contour Carbon Ice on the basis of the price. is priced at $40 which is $10 more than the similar “WWKENDER” VENTILATED PILLOW. Though the Contour Carbon Ice boasts to have so many feature it still fails to impress everybody and the results are not different from the low cost pillows.

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