Review | Comfy Curve Back Relief Exposed

What is Comfy Curve?

As per the official review at, it claims to be the world’s most comfortable back support pillow. The promoters of the Comfy Curve claim that their back support pillow is perfectly contoured to support your back as well as your spine. The support provided by the Comfy Curve relieves pressure and thus the lower back pain. Review | Comfy Curve Back Relief Exposed

“Comfy” stands for Comfortable and “Curve” denotes the “S” shaped curve of the spinal cord which the pillow is supposed to support.



How does Comfy Curve Work?

According to a study made by, 80% of the population of the United States suffer from backpain at some point of time in their lives. the promoters of Comfy Curve focus on the lower back pain and claim that the pillow can address this issue.

While Sitting on a Chair

The Pillow claims to be ergonomically designed and is adjustable. The Comfy Curve pillow supposedly hugs the “S” shape of the spine giving the much needed support while you sit on a chair for long hour works. Lower back pains are aggravated by sedentary sitting work, the Comfy Curve pillow with the lumbar support insert takes of the pressure off the tailbone.

While Sleeping

While sleeping, the pillow fills the gap between your lower back and the mattress helping you get a painless sleep. As per the official review, the pillow claims to provide support in all sleeping positions – side sleeping and back sleeping.

In the Car

The bucket-seats of your car is a major cause of lower back pain, Comfy Curve can be a pressure reliever when driving for long distances.

Extra Lumbar Support

The unique feature of the Comfy Curve pillow is the removable lumbar support insert lets you customize the pillow by adding extra support – this is specifically suited for back-sleepers.


The Comfy Curve pillow is made from soft memory foam with the soft breathable fabric cover. The removable cover is machine washable and dryer safe.




Comfy Curve Buying Options and Price

The Comfy Curve pillow is available only at the official website You get two Comfy Curve Pillows for the price of $19.99 + $13.98 S/h, that is $33.97 in total. You do not have the option of buying just one pillow, a classic “As seen on tv” offer [trap?]. Even if you decide to return the pillows [as most would considering the reviews], you still have to pay $13.98 for shipping it back to the manufacturer.

Company behind Comfy Curve

Spark Innovators is the company that manufactures the Comfy Curve pillow. Spark Innovators is known for manufacturing low-priced “As Seen On TV” products. As a potential buyer you need to note that the company does not have any prior experience in making quality health products, like a pillow. Our product experts are of the opinion that “Spark Innovators” is the official distributor of the pillow and the pillow is most likely “Made in China”.



Comfy Curve REVIEW

“The customer reviews of the Comfy Curve pillow are exactly opposite to what the manufacturer claims.”

Does Not Relieve Pain

Customers who have bought the Comfy Curve pillow complain in their reviews that the pillow does nothing to relieve back pain. Whether you sleep on it or use it as a lower back cushion, there is no decrease in the pain. Many customers feel “cheated” as “pain relief” is the key USP of the Comfy Curve pillow.

Does not Offer Adequate Support

One reviewer mentions that the Comfy Curve pillow is so flat that it would not provide any support even when used as a sleeping pillow. It is a major disappointment considering the time spent and the money invested. A folded bath towel offers more support than the Comfy Curve, one buyer complains. When used as a lumbar support pillow while sitting or driving, there is still a plenty of gap between the lower back and the pillow.

Does it Relieve Back Pain?

NOPE. In-fact customers have complained that it aggravates the back pain. This is one of the reasons why people feel cheated by the Comfy Curve, they false claims made by the promoters.

Small Pillow

The Comfy Curve pillow is smaller than it appears in the TV. Something like made for a child. The small size of the pillow also contributes to the failure.



So, Does the Comfy Curve Pillow really work?

NOPE. clinical studies have shown that pillows with lumbar support are known to relieve the pain in the lower back and improve the overall health of the lower back tissues but this benefit is very small. But unfortunately the lumbar support is not hard enough to provide effective support. The “Ultra-plush” material just cannot take the weight of the body and is flattened.. So the pillow works in theory only.

So what went wrong with the Comfy Curve

The makers of the Comfy Curve pillow have tried to make it versatile back support pillow that would work [provide lumbar support] in all the positions – back-sleeping, side-sleeping, sitting and driving. This just does not work. You need a special pillow for all the above mentioned positions and one pillow cannot have all these features.

A typical lumbar support used in chairs [and in car’s bucket-seat] are small rectangular cushions which offer localized support to the lower back, in the lumbar region. The cushion surface is comparatively harder [not the Ultra-plush of the Comfy Curve ] and thick and wide enough to cover all the gap between the seat at the lower back. A typical seat cushion can be used in office chairs as well as in the cars bucket seat.

A lumbar support sleeping pillow is a wedge with tapering surfaces that align with the shape of the spinal column. The wedge shape too make sure that there is no gap left between the lower back and the cushion.



Our Verdict

You cannot a have ONE back support pillow that works while sitting as well as while sleeping. Comfy Curve has an un-scientific shape and does not provide the required support. To provide effective support you need two different pillows. A memory-foam “cushion” for sitting and a memory-foam “wedge” for back and side sleeping. Comfy Curve does now work, stay away from it.

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