Compare Casper Pillow with My Pillow

Compare what is it? Casper Pillow vs My Pillow

Casper Pillow:It is a responsive dual layered pillow that was specially engineered to ensure that you are comfortable and cool all through the night, irrespective of your movements.

My Pillow: The only official pillow of the National Sleep Foundation, it has a patented interlocking fill, which can adjust to any sleep position for your comfort.


Compare how does it work? Casper Pillow vs My Pillow

Casper Pillow: To begin with, the pillow is a result of extensive research that tried to take into account specific sleeping needs for individuals. It is made out of a special blend of three types of foams; Latex foam that leads to cooling and support, Memory foam for support and comfort, and support foam that props up your body. The pillow has been custom designed and contains synthetic fibers that last longer and are hypoallergenic. The pillow also has a breathable and soft outer layer and a pressure relieving, supporting inner core.

My Pillow: At the heart of this pillow is a patented interlocking fill, which can adjust to your sleeping movements and position. As it can adjust to the curvature of your body, you get the right amount of support for your neck and shoulders. The two inch gusset of the pillow means you get superior neck support and head alignment, according to its claims. It also stresses on the custom fit sizing, which enables it to fit to your size and sleeping position for utmost comfort.


Compare features: Casper Pillow vs My Pillow

Casper Pillow: It is a dual layered pillow that has a supporting inner core and a soft, comfortable outer core. It has been designed to ensure that all individuals, irrespective of their sleeping movements are comfortable and restful at nights. The fibers used in the inner core are extremely short, which means less friction and more springiness. Outer core fibers are long and create a luxurious experience for you while you sleep. The pillow also involves a structural element called gusset, which gives more depth to sleeping side support and makes sure that you get complete comfort at nights.

My Pillow: It has a patented interlocking fill system that promises to adjust to any sleeping position. It is also capable of adjusting to the unique curvature of your body so that you get adequate support while you are sleeping at night. It is further enhanced because of the two inch gusset that is an important element of the design. Its custom fit sizing is an added advantage. The pillow is made in the US and creates a natural cooling effect for you. It also claims that you fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer so that you get a restful night’s sleep.


Compare benefits: Casper Pillow vs My Pillow

Casper Pillow: Whether you sleep on the side, back or stomach, you will find that this pillow helps you sleep comfortably all night. It ensures that you get the support you need when you sleep and the dual layered pillow also relieves pressure, offering you a luxurious sleeping experience. The core fibers are responsible for air circulation, which is boosted by the breathable percale cover. As a result you will be cool all through the night.

My Pillow: The pillow has been specially designed to ensure that you get complete support and comfort at night, whether you change sleeping position or not. It has been made in the US and is durable for your needs. It also creates a cooling effect and is breathable for your comfort.


Compare material: Casper Pillow vs My Pillow

Casper Pillow: The pillow is filled with synthetic fibers, which are sourced from South Korea. It is made out of a special blend of Latex foam, Memory foam and Support foam.

My Pillow: It has a patented interlocking fill system, which ensures that it adjusts to the curvature of your body and you can sleep comfortably all through the night.


Compare fillings: Casper Pillow vs My Pillow

Casper Pillow: It has two layers of synthetic, thin, low friction fibers that have been sourced from South Korea. A special blend of Latex foam, Memory foam and Support foam has gone into its making.

My Pillow: It contains a special blend of synthetic fibers that are put together in a special interlocking fill system. That’s how it adjusts to your body and different sleeping positions.


Is it washable: Casper Pillow vs My Pillow

Casper Pillow: Yes it is washable.
My Pillow: Yes, the pillow is definitely washable.


Is it breathable: Casper Pillow vs My Pillow

Casper Pillow: Yes, it is breathable and keeps you cool, comfortable all night.
My Pillow: It is breathable.


Compare price: Casper Pillow vs My Pillow

Casper Pillow: You can buy the pillow for $75.

My Pillow: A standard / Queen size pillow can be bought for $99.97.


Verdict: Casper Pillow vs My Pillow

Casper Pillow It is not only reasonably priced but has been created after a lot of research, and contains high quality synthetic fibers that let you sleep comfortably at nights. That’s why it’s the winner for us.


Compare Reviews: Casper Pillow vs My Pillow

Casper Pillow Review

It is too soft – Callum who bought Casper Pillow complained in his review that the pillow is just too soft and doesn’t give you the support you need while sleeping. His head just sank in the pillow and he ended up having some of the most sleepless nights of his life. He believes that there might be people who like soft pillows, but he wasn’t one of them. That’s why he wishes that there were soft, medium and firm options so that people like him could make a choice based on their needs. He also thinks that the pillow is highly overpriced and is going to return it.

Way too expensive – Venus who reviewed Casper Pillow exposed in her review that she was surprised how expensive the pillow was when she bought it. But she thought the makers should be able to justify that price with the quality of the product. Unfortunately she was mistaken because the pillow was nowhere close to offering her any kind of comfort while sleeping. She kept tossing and turning as she would with regular pillows, and wanted to discard it. But she couldn’t help but think that she was throwing away a lot of money, when there are cheaper and better options available in the store. The only good thing about the pillow for her was the 100 days test use policy.


My Pillow Review

Worthless pillow – Craig who bought My Pillow complained in his review that it is complete crap. He thinks it’s nothing more than cloth that has been stuffed with cheap sponge. He bought two of these pillows, one for himself and the other for his friend. But as soon as he used it he realized that it was completely useless. It didn’t offer him any support that it claimed and he threw it away soon enough. What made him really annoyed though is the fact that the pillow is quite expensive, and so not worth the price.

Gives sleepless nights – Shanaya who reviewed My Pillow exposed in her review that the pillow gave her the worst kind of headaches, when she was promised comfortable sleep. She followed the instructions to the T but found that the pillow was too full and didn’t have a lot to give. It meant that she woke up several times at night with a stiff neck. Another problem she experienced with the pillow was that it doesn’t stay cool as promised. It also went flat several times and had to be fluffed up to get back into shape. She has experienced arm pain and absolutely no respite from sleeping problems. It also gives out a bad smell.

Overpriced, overhyped – Michael who used My Pillow complained in his review that given the hype and the price of the pillow, he was expecting a unique product that does what it says. But to his disappointment, the pillow was no better than other pillows you can find in the market for a lot less money. It smelt and became hot, which meant he got no sleep at night. He also had to wake up several times at night to adjust it. He was annoyed by the fact that it turned hard soon enough and he had no option but to return it. Since he had paid by his credit card, he was told that the money would be returned into the same account. But after waiting for weeks that didn’t happen and he believes this pillow is nothing more than a scam.



Both My Pillow and Casper Pillow are over-rated, over-hyped pillows that you do not need and are a waste of money. The unsubstantiated false advertising has reached such a level that an Ad watchdog filed a complaint with FTC against My Pillow, and they (MyPillow) had to stop all the misleading advertisement. FTC even fined JC Penny, Nordstorm, Bed Bath & Beyond collectively for $2 Million for misleading advertisement of bamboo products (from pillows to socks). After weight loss products its the pillows and mattresses that these marketeers are ripping people off.

Casper Pillow too is nothing marvelous, an easy test of a product’s quality is to see where it is available. Note that Casper pillow is only available on the official site Now if they claim their pillow to be of superior quality why is it not available in local stores and other online stores, the reason – they know their pillow isn’t anything they claim it to be. They can’t control the reviews on these sites (Online retailing sites) which would soon reveal the other side of the pillow. They want to control the reviews that people write about their pillow, so they dont sell the Casper Pillow on other online stores. Once they have booked a multitude of orders and have made millions ripping off people then they will bring their product to local stores.

4 Comments on "Compare Casper Pillow with My Pillow"

  1. The Casper pillow is now available at Target for around $50.00. I bought one and find it superior to the ordinary pillows I used to use. However, it’s just a pillow. It won’t work miracles if you have other sleep problems.

  2. I have owned My Pillow for 3 years. I bought it at a much lower price of $50. I bought the one which is firm not the softer original one. The firm is great! I would wake up everyday with a sore neck but after buying the My Pillow the very next day after sleeping on it, no neck pain! I was amazed. I had bought pillows that were over $100 and they were junk. I sleep on my back and side, mostly side. The amazing thing is that I wash it at least every 2 weeks and it has come out like new each and every time! It was well worth the money to me, no neck pain, easy care, MADE IN AMERICA from AMERICAN products!

  3. The BEST pillows are Pacific Coast Down pillows! Clean, hypoallergenic, washable, lasts forever! Synthetics and foam….yuck!

  4. I just bought a Casper pillow at Target. So it is available in stores just not online.

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