Booty Buddy vs BBL Pillow

Compare what is it? Booty Buddy vs BBL Pillow

Booty Buddy & BBL Pillow both are patented seat cushions that are created to help support the thighs and hang the butt area to relieve pressure post a Butt Augmentation Surgeries including the Brazilian Butt Lift and fat transfer. After such processes it is recommended that users don’t sit on the buttocks as it may cause fat loss and affect their result. Both these pillows suspend the buttock area so that the patients can go through full recovery without the uneasiness of not getting to sit.

Both the pillows are lightweight and compact enough to carry anywhere. They are made from eco-friendly materials. Both pillows are approved and recommended by plastic surgeons and health care professionals.


Compare what it does? Booty Buddy vs BBL Pillow

Booty Buddy & BBL Pillow both are designed to distribute the user’s weight across the thighs so that they can sit comfortably without sinking or applying pressure to their buttocks. Simply place it on a chair, car seat or even airplane seat with its wedge shape on top, place the thighs on the contoured area and allow elevation to the butt while suspending it. After a couple of uses the user becomes accustomed to this style of seating to ensure steady recovery. Both pillows recommend on sitting for no more than 30 minutes at a time.


Compare dimensions: Booty Buddy vs BBL Pillow

Both Booty Buddy & BBL Pillow are designed to fit all standard shapes and sizes. It is designed to fit in a standard universal chair, airplane seats, car seats, and most seating surfaces.

Booty Buddy doesn’t have any weight restrictions as such but it is suggested that larger sized individuals should use an extra cushion to aid the elevation.

BBL Pillow is not bulky and fits easily in its discrete black carrying bag to use it anywhere the user goes. It has a weight bearing capacity of up to 260 lbs.


Compare material: Booty Buddy vs BBL Pillow

Booty Buddy & BBL Pillow both state that they are made using strong and sturdy materials that do not sink or flatten even after repetitive use for a long time.

Booty Buddy comes with a super-strong flocked cushion that is soft to sit but firm enough to offer support. It also has a flocked removable cover that is machine washable at 30 degrees temperature.

BBL Pillow too has strong foam that is comfortable to sit and is raised to 3 inches in height to ensure comfort and convenience.


Compare price: Booty Buddy vs BBL Pillow

Booty Buddy
It comes for $79.99 plus additional shipping charges and taxes

BBL Pillow
It is priced at $99.99


Compare Reviews: Booty Buddy vs BBL Pillow

BBL Pillow & Booty Buddy reviews reveal that both BBL Pillow & Booty Buddy are very hard and are not comfortable to sit on and may require additional cushioning. In fact, it was difficult to stand up after using it. Also it may fit only on certain chairs.

BBL Pillow & Booty Buddy reviews say that the only highlight of the pillows was their packaging and shipping. Both these pillows fail to serve their purpose and are completely a waste of money.

BBL Pillow & Booty Buddy reviews assert that they are not worth the price since they fail to deliver and are highly deceiving in terms of size and material quality.

BBL Pillow & Booty Buddy reviews state that BBL Pillow & Booty Buddy pillows are too expensive for the amount of time they can be used. The thighs start to go numb after using them for long period of time.

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