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BBL Pillow proclaims to be a special pillow for a post butt augmentation surgery as it supports during the recovery process. Specifically designed to be firm with a little softness and constructed with strong foam, BBL Pillow alleges to avoid pressure and sinking of the butt and fits on most seating surfaces.


How does BBL Pillow work?

Pillow for post BBL surgery recovery
Sitting directly on your buttocks post a Brazilian Butt Lift surgery hampers the new inserted fat cells and thus the results. BBL Pillow promises to allow you to sit without putting pressure on the buttocks. It convinces that you can start using it right after the surgery occasionally till you have fully recovered. Let’s analyze BBL Pillow user reviews to know more.


For all shapes and sizes
BBL Pillow maintains that it is ideal for any seating surface, including airplane seats. It guarantees to be recommended by a number of healthcare professionals. These claims will be verified with BBL Pillow user reviews. No matter what shape and size a user is, BBL Pillow assures to be ideal for use for anyone and can take up to 260 lbs of weight. It promises to be better than bulky pillows that are gawky, inconvenient and dangerous. Send us your BBL Pillow reviews.


BBL Pillow Review

BBL Pillow review states that it works better on relatively flat chairs.

BBL Pillow review reveals that it bends because of the contours of the seat on a standard office chair. The slight descend in the center made the high outside edges bend in toward the body and caused discomfort.

BBL Pillow review complains that it is too small and too hard and created without any research.

BBL Pillow review reveals that it’s not soft and too stiff. The niche in the center is uncomfortable for someone with a hip surgery.

BBL Pillow review exposes it for flattening out after just three hours of use. It provided no relief to the spinal pain once flattened.

BBL Pillow review discloses that it doesn’t help in severe back pain at all. Even though squishy, its so-called memory foam is just like packaging Styrofoam.

BBL Pillow review criticizes that it was folded in half when received, making the core bend strangely and cause discomfort.

BBL Pillow review points out that its foam is not genuine memory foam that stays in one shape because it’s stiff. BBL Pillow is too hard and the buttocks conform to the cushion instead of the other way round.

BBL Pillow review says that it does not allow one to lean back in chair.

BBL Pillow review calls it comfortable for the first couple of hours but painful afterwards.

BBL Pillow review complains that the cushion seat is rough, hard, and uncomfortable.

BBL Pillow review analyzes that it is not as comfortable or supportive as expected.

BBL Pillow review calls it an average pillow that helps in back pain, but is too thick and the material is hard, making it uncomfortable when wearing shorts or skirts where bare skin rubs against the surface and leaves marks.

BBL Pillow review reveals that it’s too small with too much padding for a grown man and puts legs to sleep.

BBL Pillow review states that it makes office chair more comfortable but does not improve posture much.

BBL Pillow review says that it was bought for tailbone pain, but the cutout in the center is too narrow and the tailbone rests right on the cushion, which causes pain.

BBL Pillow review discloses that it wasn’t usable even for 15 minutes. The mesh top cover makes cotton or poly slacks slip and the wearer slides forward. Being too shallow front to back, the protrusion in the back pushes into the coccyx. The extremely deep contours on the front provide very little cushioning on the hamstrings, thus increasing pressure instead of relieving it. It’s 5″ thick only at the highest part of the nub. Otherwise it’s only about 3″ thick, and less than 1” at the cutouts for the legs in the front. This makes the support under the legs very poor.

BBL Pillow review points out that its description is deceiving. It’s 5” thick only at the tailbone spot and only 3″ thick at the rest. It is also uncomfortable in the thigh area since it’s created to fit the thigh and any variation is uncomfortable and needs adjusting of the cushion.

BBL Pillow review divulges that it squishes narrow hips inward making the pain worse.

BBL Pillow review opines that it’s good for posture but not for tailbone relief.

BBL Pillow review praises it for its shape that fits a chair well. However, it is all memory foam and passive, without any base foam. It’s great for a comfort layer but memory continues to sink under the weight and shape till it hits the bottom. BBL Pillow flattens quickly on sitting.

BBL Pillow review claims that it flattens after using for just half hour and starts hurting the butt and back.


BBL Pillow Questions & Answers

Where is BBL Pillow made?

Does BBL Pillow fit in carryon luggage?
It conveniently fits inside a carryon luggage.

What are the BBL Pillow dimensions?
16 x 6 x 3 in

Does BBL Pillow hold up to long drives or does it go flat?
It depends on the weight being put on the seat cushion but it does hold up throughout the work day. If excessive is put on it, it will flatten out sooner.

Does BBL Pillow get wet?

What is sitting on BBL Pillow like?
The support that this pillow gives is similar to be the same as someone holding you in place with their hands. It is so comfortable that you cannot sit anywhere else without it. The pillow seems to work best on flat surfaces of chairs or car seats. If a surface has a built-in contour, it may compromise the overall effect of the cushion.

What are BBL Pillow benefits?
The pillow aligns the posture of the back.
Would the cutout on BBL Pillow help a 125lb senior person with a

catheter on a wheelchair through the day?
The pillow should help but one shouldn’t expect too much.

Is BBL Pillow tapered from back to front?

Does BBL Pillow smell?
Even if there is, it’s not bothersome.

Is BBL Pillow foldable? Can it be put into a backpack?
The foam structure is very thick and firm. So the pillow is not foldable.

Does BBL Pillow help patients with sit bone pain?
It’s recommended to get a physician’s advice regarding this.

Is BBL Pillow microfiber or can a cat scratch the cushion?
It is constructed with breathable material and hence it can be scratched.

Does BBL Pillow retain heat and get hot?
Just like any normal pillow, BBL Pillow also retains heat and gets hot if the outside temperature is hot.

Will BBL Pillow help a truck driver that weighs 420 lbs or will it go flat? I’m a driver and my tailbone and hips hurt while driving.
It is unlikely that the pillow will help, even though BBL Pillow is a lot more substantial than traditional cushions that one might use. The memory foam of this pillow is a lot more resilient than the foam typically used in cushions of similar kinds. However, it will not provide any benefit if it is put under so much weight.

Does BBL Pillow help take the pressure off bed sores when sitting?
No. The cushion seat of the pillow is not really soft so it doesn’t help someone with your bed sores.

Will BBL Pillow work on someone with a problem on the side of the thighs? When any pressure is put on the thigh from the chair, I get dizzy.
No, the pillow won’t work in such a case.

What is the density of the BBL Pillow foam and what is its ILD rating?
The promoters of this pillow do not reveal all the technical information. They are just trying to sell the substandard pillow.


What do I get?
BBL Pillow just for only $99.00

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