Bambillo vs Bamboo Pillow

Compare what is it? Bambillo vs Bamboo Pillow

Bambillo: It is a shredded memory foam pillow that is made from Viscose extracted from bamboo. It claims to adjust to your shape and size while sleeping to ensure that your back and neck gets the support it needs.

Original Bamboo Pillow: It is a shredded memory foam pillow with a removable, machine washable and plush bamboo pillowcase that promises to offer you desired support while sleeping so that you wake up feeling refreshed.


Bambillo Pillow Review VIDEO


Original Bamboo Pillow Review VIDEO


Compare how does it work? Bambillo vs Bamboo Pillow

Bambillo: To begin with, it is a patented design pillow with a cover that adjusts to the shape, size and also the sleeping position of all users. Thus your body, especially your back and neck gets the support it needs while sleeping. The problem with traditional pillows is that they compress and stretch your nerves, which leaves them achy and in pain. That’s not the case here, which is why you wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Original Bamboo Pillow: One of the highlights of the pillow is that is has been designed to conform to your body, irrespective of the position you sleep in. Moreover it ensures complete support for your back and neck, which eliminates aches and pains. The bamboo material used in its making is breathable and as a result you don’t wake up feeling hot at nights.


Compare Material: Bambillo vs Bamboo Pillow

Bambillo: It is made from Viscose, which is extracted from bamboo.

Original Bamboo Pillow: Pillow cover is made using plush and natural bamboo material. Inside the pillow is synthetic viscoelastic foam material that claims to resist molding, bacteria/duct/mite invasion.


Compare Features: Bambillo vs Bamboo Pillow

Bambillo: Firstly its design is such that your back and neck are cradled in comfort while you sleep. The natural bamboo fibers ensure that heat escapes through breathable fabric so that you can sleep well at nights. It is also hypoallergenic, which is an added advantage.

Original Bamboo Pillow: The special design of the pillow adjusts according to the position you sleep in and gives your back and neck desired support. The bamboo fibers used in its making are breathable, machine Washable & Dryer Safe and hypoallergenic. The Bamboo Cover is stretchable, absorption and moisture wicking, Hypoallergenic and a Bamboo Duvet Cover that is soft as cashmere or silk;


Compare Benefits: Bambillo vs Bamboo Pillow

Bambillo: It lets you sleep comfortably at night by offering your back and neck desired support. The breathable fabric and bamboo fiber means heat escapes naturally and you don’t wake up at nights because you feel hot. The hypoallergenic material ensures that you aren’t bothered by allergies either.

Original Bamboo Pillow: Here is a pillow that gives you solid support at nights irrespective of your favorite sleeping position. It claims to offer you respite from sleeping issues related to migraines, insomnia, snoring and more. It is hypoallergenic and stays cool at nights. The cover is also machine-washable so that you can use it over and over again.


Compare Sizes: Bambillo vs Bamboo Pillow

Bambillo: It is a King and Queen Size pillow.

Original Bamboo Pillow: It is available in King and Queen sizes.


Compare Color: Bambillo vs Bamboo Pillow

Bambillo: It has a wide range of colours including dark brown, chocolate, red, blue, light gray, white and gray.

Original Bamboo Pillow: White, dark gray and mist blue.


Compare Price: Bambillo vs Bamboo Pillow

Bambillo: $29.99 + $7.99 P&H.

Original Bamboo Pillow: $29.99 & FREE Shipping at


Verdict – There is absolutely nothing to choose between both the pillows as they have same features, benefits and are made using same material. Hence they are both equal.

Compare Review: Bambillo vs Bamboo Pillow

Bambillo REVIEW

It’s a scam – Sandra who used Bambillo complained in her review that she bought them on a buy 1 get two free offer and was quite excited about them. But they turned out to be a disaster because they were smelly, dusty and very uncomfortable. What was worse was that she started noticing a greasy excretion in her hair and face that needed cleaning with the help of products. She realized other users had similar problems and it was due to toxicity. Overall she believes the pillow is a complete rip off and a waste of her money.

Nothing more than smelly foam – Andrew who reviewed Bambillo revealed in his review that since he had problems with sleeping before, he bought the pillow with great expectations. But it was absolutely hopeless because there was practically no bamboo and it didn’t make any difference to his sleeping. He noticed that the pillow was quite smelly and it was a nuisance to be breathing it in all night. It started giving him migraines rather than curing them, which is why he decided to stop using the pillow completely.

Does more harm than good – John who bought Bambillo exposed in his review that buying it can do more damage to your system than good. Firstly, it emanates a chemical smell of isocyanate that is found in polyurethane products. It is a toxic material and should not have been present in the pillow in the first place. He started feeling nauseous with its use in a short span of time. He also thinks that the pillow can be seriously harmful to those who have allergy related problems or asthma because of these toxic materials. He has seen it lead to reactions like itchy throat and a watery nose. He cannot believe that they have been so callous while making the pillow and its marketing, which calls it a hypoallergenic option. It couldn’t have been farthest from the truth.

Bad product, worse customer service – Ellen who bought Bambillo complained in her review that the pillow doesn’t live up to its claims and is completely useless, but the customer service is a lot worse. She called up the customer service desk because she wanted to return the pillow, which she got on buy 1 get two free offer. She was very rudely told that she couldn’t return pillows that were bought on this offer. The experience left a bad taste in her mouth.


Original Bamboo Pillow Reviews

Not what it claims to be – Sara who reviewed Original Bamboo Pillow complained in her review that it is nothing like it is claimed in the infomercial. It has been hard as a rock from day one and after giving it a couple of months, she decided to simply throw it away. She tends to suffer from migraine and bad neck pain but the pillow didn’t offer her any respite. She also prefers to sleep on her stomach but that meant her head was tilted in an acute angle, which created more discomfort.

False advertising – Tania who bought Original Bamboo Pillow exposed in her review that it is not a bamboo pillow nor does it work like a memory foam pillow. It is a whole lot of false marketing from the manufacturer that has left her disappointed. It flattened under her head and then stayed flat, which was a completely useless exercise. She had to adjust it several times in the night to fluff it back up. She was annoyed that that it didn’t contort to her body shape at all and only ended up hurting her. According to her, it might work okay for those who want to sit propped up and read in bed but it’s just not meant for sleeping comfortably.

Don’t last long – David who used Original Bamboo Pillow revealed in his review that the pillow worked okay for a few days but after that it was all downhill. They just became too thick and stiff, which made sleeping on them practically impossible. He had bought the pillow after being taken in by the hype and was hoping that the pillow would last him for a long time but that wasn’t the case at all. He says that he won’t be recommending the pillow to anyone.

Poorly made pillow – Claire who bought Original Bamboo Pillow complained in her review that the pillow needs some getting used to and is definitely not a convenient option. It comes rolled up like a sleeping bag and has to be stretched out, flattened so that it fluffs up again. But at the end of the day it is a very heavy pillow that is very hard and stiff on the neck. She had to wake up several times in the night because she wasn’t very comfortable using the pillow at all.

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