Zaahn Mattress

What is Zaahn As per the TV infomercial it is a revolutionary mattress that comes with dual sides that can be flipped, a ZEN side for firmer support and an AAH side for a slightly softer side.     Zaahn CLAIMS Personalized Sleeping – Zaahn guarantees to be the best mattress for partners that have […]

Squeezy Pillow

About Squeezy Pillow Squeezy Pillow asserts to be a talking and lighting pillow that calms kids down at night if they are afraid of the dark.   How does it work The 24 LED lights of Squeezy Pillow claim to glow when the pillow is squeezed. It maintains to talk on one side and glow […]

The V Pillow

What is The V Pillow? The V Pillow asserts to be a crescent-shaped ergonomically designed pillow. It maintains to cradle head and shoulder by automatically aligning head and neck. At this point of time there are no The V Pillow reviews to verify this claim.     Unlike ordinary pillows that have been designed to […]

Booty Buddy vs BBL Pillow

Compare what is it? Booty Buddy vs BBL Pillow Booty Buddy & BBL Pillow both are patented seat cushions that are created to help support the thighs and hang the butt area to relieve pressure post a Butt Augmentation Surgeries including the Brazilian Butt Lift and fat transfer. After such processes it is recommended that […]

BBL Pillow

About BBL Pillow BBL Pillow proclaims to be a special pillow for a post butt augmentation surgery as it supports during the recovery process. Specifically designed to be firm with a little softness and constructed with strong foam, BBL Pillow alleges to avoid pressure and sinking of the butt and fits on most seating surfaces. […]

SpineAlign Pillow

About Dr. Loth’s SpineAlign Pillow Designed by Dr. Loth, a sports chiropractor with over 17 years experience treating patients with many symptoms related to poor sleeping posture, the SpineAlign Pillow is a cervical contour pillow that promises to help you get better sleep. The SpineAlign Pillow is designed keeping two notions in mind: correct sleeping […]

Hydraluxe vs Novaform vs Technogel

Compare what is it? Hydraluxe vs Novaform vs Technogel Hydraluxe – Memory foam pillow layered with Hydraluxe gel technology Novaform – Core Comfort Memory Foam Pillow. A premium gel-memory foam pillow that’s curved for comfort Technogel – Pillow with 3-dimensional flexibility that reacts to forces differently than the foam to provide utmost comfort   Compare […]

Gel Pillow vs Memory Foam Pillow

Compare What is it? Gel Pillow vs Memory Foam Pillow Classic Brands Reversible Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow and PharMeDoc Memory Foam Pillow with Cooling Gel are both pillows that consist of cooling gel technology for a cooling effect while sleeping. They have memory foam infused for firm support that promotes stress-free, good night’s sleep. […]

Pharmedoc vs Leachco Snoogle

Compare What is it? Pharmedoc vs Leachco Snoogle PharMeDoc Total Body Pillow and Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow are both body pillows with patented designs that promise to provide comfort while sleeping for pregnant women and regular people with bad sleep patterns.   Compare what does it claim to do? Pharmedoc vs Leachco Snoogle PharMeDoc […]

Miracle Bamboo Cushion

What is Miracle Bamboo Cushion It is a cushion with orthopedic foam that claims to be the most comfortable seat cushion that you can sit on. Miracle Bamboo Cushion stresses on the fact that now you can make a simple addition to your daily life and say goodbye to back pain and several other issues. […]